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  1. Hi, I've just discovered that the soluble aspirin I am using to make my aspirin masks (made by Boots in the UK) contains sodium lauryl sulfate. It is the second of the nonactive ingredients. This is known to be an irritant, so I will be switching brands. Never thought to check ingredients of such a basic household product, and thought others might not have either... you can find aspirin that doesn't contain this (I believe Safeway own brand might be a possibility).
  2. Yes, I've doublecheck this morning and sodium Lauryl sulfate is the second of the nonactive ingredients. The brand is BOOTS! I shall definitely switch, though unfortunately we just bought another box yesterday... I did another mask the other night, still couldn't bring myself to use nine tablets -- even though I have admitted that that's the minimum I think I will need to get good coverage.... I have found that if I had enough honey, I can actually eat a meal whilst wearing it -- though it's
  3. I just pour a little Apple cider vinegar into a dish(you only need half a capfull), and an equal amount of water, then use a tissue and apply to my face, neck and ears. Sometimes I do it in two sessions, because it does make my eyes sting! Some people add green tea, aspirin etc, which I may progress to at a later stage, but for now I'm keeping it simple. Check out the link below. search for Apple Cider Vinegar kaylaann I did the aspirin mask again last night, and this time I used seven asp
  4. I just poor a little Apple cider vinegar into a dish(you only need half a capfull), and an equal amount of water, then use the tissue and applied liberally to my face. search for Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Thanks kaylaann, you sure did. My skin type: seriously blocked pores -- every single pore in my nose in particular blackheads all over the place whiteheads under the skin and as well as on top occasional inflamed acne -- but almost always caused by a blackheads in the beginning -- and often by me introducing bacteria I should imagine by fiddling with my face! I am thinking of the following for my plan of action: AM; wash with mild cleanser (hopefully Paulas Choice -- order should
  6. Hi, Paulas choice Europe the above link will take you to the Paulas Choice Europe site. Next week there is a 50% off postage deal -- Monday the 24th till Friday the 28th. unfortunately I just took the plunge this week and made an order, so I've missed out -- but perhaps others can take advantage!
  7. Thanks to you both for getting back to me... Let me see if I can describe my techniques further. I DO grind up the aspirin very thoroughly into a fine powder, but I think the time I used the honey I had far too much honey, and not enough aspirin. Presumably if you are using nine to fifteen aspirin for each mask (as opposed to my two or three) you are applying a very think paste? I definitely leave the mask on for at least 45 minutes... I have given up the lemon toner -- as I didn't feel it wa
  8. Hi HplyEvrAftr, and welcome to the group. I'm also new fairly new to the forum, and I'm very appreciative that such an amazingly resource is available... well done to everyone involved in this post (and others!) HplyEvrAftr --In many ways we have similarities, because I have been severely ill for 17 years, and I'm just and well enough to start looking after my face at last.... Let's hope we both find the solutions we're looking for I had a question regarding Paulus Choice cleansers. I know
  9. Hi Morning Rose, thanks VERY much for getting back to me, and for your kind words about my recovery. I have also been contributing to this post about animal testing for animal testing wonderers in which somebody says this, in my mind does not constitute 'Not Testing on Animals' or 'cruelty free'. I mention PETA, because the EWG apparently uses their data for the animal testing lists. As I said in this post I shall aim to look into all your suggestions of products, and report back, in case t
  10. Hi, I have been using the aspirin mask two to three times a week for the last two weeks. I use between two and four aspirins each time, and have tried it with and without honey (I much prefer it without, the honey seem to make me break out a bit). I have also been trying the lemon toner and the ACV toner. I'm just about to buy a new cleanser, but know my current one is not working for me... My question is, how quickly should I know whether salicylic acid works for me? My blackhead situation is
  11. Thank you very much for getting back to me, it's a complicated business isn't it!?! All the extra information you provided was very interesting . I have rediscovered the list I mentioned in my original post Become and Acne Detective which gives further information (not that I don't appreciate your efforts!) Between them, both lists put jojoba at between zero and two on the scale , and I wonder why it gets such a good rating as a moisturiser on this web site? There are other oils which are
  12. Hi, I'm trying to find a new cleanser and moisturiser (I already think I'll use either the ACV toner, or the ACV/aspirin toner). However I'm finding it hard to find my supplies as I live in the UK, and want to use cruelty free. I'm mulling over which, if any, of the more aggressive products I want to use, but in the meantime I'm just about to run out of cleanser, and have already finished my moisturiser, so I need to get started with these. I'm thinking of using jojoba oil as my moisturiser.....
  13. Hi, I'm fairly new to all of this, but have been reading this forum fairly intensively for a few weeks now. I have a very oily T-zone, in which every pore is clogged, as well as problems with some blackheads and whiteheads on my face, in my ears (yuck!) and on my back. Even my upper chest has clogged pores. (I sound gorgeous I know...) I started this topic because I have read many of the reviews in the treatment section of this forum, and found much positive reaction to simple treatments such
  14. Thanks -- I'll take your advice and buy that one instead!