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  1. Keep your head up! We've all experienced being self-conscious/ having low self confidence, but progress is key! Keep looking for solutions that will work specifically for you and listen to what your body and skin needs! It may be a gluten insensitivity, food allergy, allergies to certain ingredients in your makeup/ skincare, lactose intolerance, gut imbalance, etc. There's so many factors, but it's so fulfilling to work towards something and see improvements! There's so many people here who
  2. Find a non-comedogenic foundation! Probably a more sheer coverage too, as opposed to something full coverage. I searched everywhere and decided that I needed to go with a foundation that has beneficial/ natural ingredients. I found a brand called Mineral Fusion that offers buildable coverage. And it doesn't break me out whenever I use it, yay! I also be sure to focus on my skincare prior to applying makeup. Essences, toners, serums to adequately moisturize and nourish the skin, then applyin
  3. MOISTURIZE! Your skin won't heal as quickly if it isn't adequately moisturized. I remember my skin being EXTREMELY dry on Accutane, so you NEED to moisturize. I had two courses of Accutane a while ago so I don't quite remember all the restrictions. But apply sunscreen every. single. day. People should be doing that anyways, because the sun is extremely harsh on our skin and causes premature aging. And on accutane, that's even more important. I use rosehip oil, which absorbs quickly into (oil
  4. I've heard Cerave is good although I don't use it. I use the oil-free birch sap moisturizer from CosRx, a Korean beauty brand. It moisturizes my skin and makes it plump, love it! It has a little bit of tea tree oil in it as well, which helps clear my skin. I've noticed that my clogged pores sit at the surface and are easy to extract (thus heal faster), rather than sit under the surface, after using this moisturizer. consistently. For a good moisturizer, you also want to look for hyauluronic
  5. yep agree with everyone else, don't deliberately create wrinkles on your face! Also, you can start anti-aging care too, because as you get older, the quicker your skin's collagen production decreases. By the time you're in your 20s, I believe you'll be producing only around 70% of the collagen you produce in your earlier years. Also, MOISTURIZE! This helps keep your skin's elasticity and maintain its skin barrier.
  6. I used to have a jojoba oil blend for oil cleansing. It's the oil that's the most similar to your natural sebum and has the ability to dissolve excess oil and grime. It is also a great skin moisturizer as well and regulates your sebum production. I also use niacinamide + zinc serum to minimize pores. Niacinamide is also amazing for anti-aging and prevents melanin production from transferring to the surface, thus keeping hyperpigmentation at bay. I think benzoyl peroxide is too harsh for my s
  7. So from a topical point of view, moisturizing is essential to keeping oily skin controlled. Your skin overcompensates is oil when it is dehydrated beneath the skin. Some symptoms you can feel when your skin is dehydrated is tightness or itchiness. Also when your skin is adequately hydrated, it can perform at its optimal level; the skin barrier naturally fights off bacteria and absorbs nutrients. I've been using some good korean skincare with helpful nutrients, including fermented products tha
  8. I was on Accutane twice before and it actually didn't help me that much, my acne just came back still. But I hope it works for you! And good work on eating so clean! It's so hard for me. But I definitely do find that once I have some soy products or dairy, I tend to breakout alot in my chin area. I take L-Lysine to balance my hormones and it's helped alot so far, especially during that time of the month. There's research which indicates that L-Lysine helps you to absorb magnesium and iron (I be
  9. so amazing!! my parents always taught me Chinese medicine, and I didn't even realize how different it was from western medicine- it was just a way of life. She always made us chrysanthemum tea to clear the heat from our bodies, aka the cause of acne. I feel that using Asian products are gentler and way more effective as well. I can't wait to be able to go to a naturopath/ Chinese doctor again! Were the herbal medicines and consultations costly?
  10. I love using honey and an olive oil/ jojoba oil mix! feels so soothing and hydrating I heard that coconut oil is comedogenic though?
  11. What product did you buy? Either way, redness , flakiness, and stinging is a sign that your skin is aggravated and might not like whatever you're using. I don't know how often you've been using it, but sometimes you have to let your skin get used to it and start off just using it once/twice a week and see how it goes. Since acne-prone skin is already considered sensitive skin, it's imperative that you use products with mild, skin-loving ingredients.
  12. I'd say hydrating your skin is essential. Because your skin will constantly over-produce sebum if it is dehydrated underneath. You can have oily skin yet still have dehydrated skin as well. I prep my skin using a toner first to balance the pH of your skin, then first treatment essence (korean skincare products), then applying moisturizer + face oils for added moisture. The pH balance of your skin is so important because this allows your skin to perform optimally and to actually absorb all the
  13. I agree! hyalauronic acid pulls moisture from the air and seals it into your skin. It's even better if you have a product that has multiple molecular weights of hyauluronic acid so some could penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin. I believe Hada Laba has a good hyauluronic acid moisturizer. I also looove using oils to moisturize my skin. For oily skin, you want to use oils with a higher linoleic acid content than oleic acid. These are oils like rosehip oil, hempseed oil, etc, while oil
  14. Hi! Hope you found some remedy in going to the doctor. additionally, I'd advise you not to wash your face so much, especially with salicylic acid. It might dry out your skin too much and cause your skin to be overproducing oil. Personally I just watch my face once at night with actual products, like my oil- cleanser and water based cleanser. Follow a Korean skincare routine. In the morning I just wash off residues from sleeping the night before with water. Having acne prone skin is equiva