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  1. I just started going to college in the Pittsburgh, PA area and I have been told that the water here is very dirty. Supposedly it has a lot of chemicals and minerals in it and I have heard that it has a lot of estrogen. Does anyone know the best way to combat these things? Most people at my school have mild-moderate acne because of the water (they have no acne when they are at home). Thanks to the DKR I've managed to control breakouts pretty well, but it's very frustrating to still be breaking
  2. The exact same thing happens to me. In the morning my face is nearly clear, but as the day goes by little white, flesh-colored bumps form. They're barely visible, but it's frustrating! I think it's partially from my pores opening up as I sweat & oils build up during the day. I think it makes sense, because during the night your body rests & regenerates, so to speak. There probably isn't really anything that can be done about it. :\ I'm just hoping that my skin will keep getting cl
  3. I personally really like the design and overall look of the products. I think having the bottles be just plain white makes them less flashy & noticeable, unlike many other acne products. The acne.org name is printed fairly small. Especially if you compare it to how huge "Neutrogrena" or "Clearasil" is on their products. Maybe having just the DK website would be better, though, if people are embarrassed or don't want anyone to see their posts. But, generally, I think the design is great!
  4. Hi, My neurologist suggested that I do a 6-week trial of Prednisone, and then possibly taking it for potentially the rest of my life, to treat a neuromuscular disease I have, and I was wondering just how much the steroids effect acne? Right now, thanks to the DKR, my mild acne has improved tremendously (I couldn't be more satisfied w/ the whole regimen, it's awesome) so I am hesitant to start steroids if it will make my skin a lot worse. The effects of my disease aren't bad enough where I have
  5. I saw on the Walgreen's website that they sell BP gel and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it?
  6. I just started using an AHA lotion [Neut. Healthy Skin to be exact] at night about 10+ minutes after I apply BP and it makes it ball up in some places. How can I make this stop?! Should I apply the AHA first? Thanks!-
  7. Thanks so much!! I will try more moisturizer and I will talk to my Doc, it's possibly I have that dermatitis thing 'cause my immune system suuuuucks. Thanks again~
  8. For a while now [way before I started the DKR] I've had really dry, flaky skin in my eyebrows. By in, I mean that it's underneath the actual hairs [is that what you call them? haha] I've tried rubbing moisturizer on but it hasn't helped a whole lot. For a week or so I've been using the baby brush on them but it doesn't really get down to my skin, I think. Has anyone else had this problem?? I think that it may have gotten a lot worse when I started using the AcneFree system at the beginning of
  9. Here's all the info you'll need: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;hl=baby+brush
  10. Weekly [probably] updates
  11. Okay, cool. Thanks!! p.s. the reason I don't want to take a bunch of separate pills for each kind of vitamin is because I'd end up taking like 30 pills a day. I'm an athlete so I need the whole spectrum. Plus I already take pills 3 times a day for an auto-immune disorder so I'm really getting sick of them, lol
  12. If the multivitamin I'm currently taking [One-A-Day Woman's] doesn't have enough of some of the vitamins that are good for acne prevention can I take it twice a day or will I get some kind of horrible toxicity?? I already take additional iron because I'm usually anemic so I really don't want to OD on that. If once a day vitamins just aren't good enough does anyone know of any good drugstore multivitamin brands that are twice a day?
  13. I usually leave them alone. I think I've been getting them for like 2 or 3 years but I never really concentrated on them because with you can't really notice them from a distance but now that my skin is getting clearer it's bugging me that they're still there. I know exactly what you mean about them being completely under the skin--they look more like goosebumps or something. It might just be adjusting to being back on medication. I'd say let 'em be and even if it takes a week or two for the
  14. I wasn't sure where to ask this, but people who post in this thread seem to know a lot about chemicals, etc. How do you know if your perscription medication [not for acne] will effect your skin?? Are there specific ingredients that are known to increase acne? I take Mestinon [http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/pyridostigmine_ids.htm] for MG [an auto-immune disease] so I can't stop taking it, but I was just wondering for future reference, etc. It doesn't say anything about acne in the side eff