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  1. I think it's rosacea but I guess it always hard to say from pictures. If it is rosacea, you are not "SOL" as the above poster said. It is true that there is no cure for rosacea but the same is true for acne. That doesn't mean these conditions aren't treatable! I've gotten IPL laser treatments for rosacea/redness before. It's expensive but definitely effective.
  2. I think you can get a cortisone shot? I haven't gotten one myself but I know people do occasionally for really stubborn pimples. I don't know why your derm didn't mention that- maybe try a dr. that focuses more on the cosmetic side of dermatology. It will go away eventually! That is a long time to have that though, sorry you're going through that!
  3. Differin works for me but it's lost some efficacy. I've tried both .1 and .3. Would a different retinoid- retin a or tazorac- maybe work better? Has anyone had different results from different retinoids? Thanks a bunch to anyone that can help me out here! My problem is closed comedones on my nose.
  4. I've been using Differin .3 and .1 for a year now. I know that Differin still works for me because I've gone off it for a week before and my skin got worse. But I feel like it's less effective then it was in the beginning. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you try switching to Retin A or Tazorac? I know they're supposed to be stronger so I thought that could help. I've tried EVERYTHING else! Including Aha and/or Bha in the AM as well as Finacea, etc. My acne is mild and non-hormonal-
  5. Sorry to hear about the anxiety you're having. I'm in the same boat. I start a new job in a week which is a little stressful but it also means I can start seeing a therapist for help. I was wondering- did your psychiatrist want to prescribe you anti-depressants or did they think you could work it out without them? I'm curious because I think I have body dysmorhphic disorder but I'd prefer to not take anti-depressants right now. I'm hoping if I see a therapist they won't try to make me feel lik
  6. I've gotten chemical peels twice before (vitalize peels). The last time was two months ago. I had a pretty serious reaction to that one about a week after the peel (when I started using my acne meds again). This time I'm already having a reaction and I haven't even peeled yet! It's not terrible- itchy with redness and small itchy bumps. I had the peel done early yesterday morning and these problems showed up this afternoon. My question is- has anyone else found their skin was just too sensiti
  7. Thanks Tim714! Well speak of the devil I did get a pimple. It isn't too bad, but large enough to bother me a bit. I woke up with it this morning. I think it could be from this bad cold I have though. I don't usually get sick but it seems it's never good for the skin, which makes sense. I also ran a half marathon in warm weather a few days ago and sometimes sweating for so long makes me break out. Crossing my fingers it's a fluke thing and after all I'm only 3.5 months in (it's a 5 or 6
  8. DAY 96-97ish Good news this time! It's been about 3 months and a week on this drug. Since my last post (which was almost a month ago) I haven't had any significant blemishes at all! That pimple on my nose was kind of a pain though. I think maybe it was just from that stressful job situation because my skin had been pretty clear and it has been totally clear since then. So besides that one weird random pimple I would say Accutane had me pretty much clear at about 2 months in. I'
  9. DAY 68 Nose pimple! They are the worst! The rest of my skin looks fine but last night I noticed a small red bump on the front of my nose. This morning it had come to head already so I guess that's a good sign, though it doesn't look so good. Fortunately it's just one really inflamed pore I think. Ugh, I still have doubts that Accutane will work. I took Accutane before and I was plenty clear by now. Also every time I breakout I think that it's just the beginning. Like now I'm afraid my
  10. Oh it's an antihistamine pill. It's stronger than other antihistamines so it can clear up things like hives faster. Other antihistamines are more for seasonal allergies. Do you live in the U,S.? You could find it in any drug store or grocery store here.
  11. How long has it been since you stopped using it? I've gotten a rash similar to this on my face which I think was from a hand lotion I used (and then went to sleep with my face on my hand). The rash persisted for about 4 days and then I started to notice improvement. I also had this happen to me later on with body soap which gave me hives and Benadryl worked wonders.
  12. DAY 63 Alrighty well I will continue to ramble on to myself in cyberspace. I really think my body has adapted to the drug in that I'm feeling less fatigued and the red face has gone down a bit. So have the chapped lips and dry skin. And my skin really seems to finally be clear for the long run now! YAAAY! Just in time. I'm starting a new job on Monday. I also decided to just suck it up and go to that music festival over Memorial Day weekend. I bought a really big hat that I look kind of
  13. Hi! Has anyone stopped Accutane for a few days in the middle of their course? I'm debating whether to go to a music festival in a couple weeks. Right now I'm really sensitive to sun and constantly dehydrated and flush a lot which could make the experience not fun. Would taking a break from my pills for a few days help alleviate these symptoms? I'm actually most worried about getting dehydrated and having a red face from flushing- I think I can protect myself from the sun pretty well with
  14. Yeah, I second using a retinoid for maintenance after your skin becomes less sensitive. I did a really successful round of Accutane when I was 19 for pretty mild acne and a year later it started to creep back. But I don't mean to be discouraging- after Accutane I wasn't using anything on my face, not even a salicylic acid face wash or anything. I'm sure if you continue to take care of your skin then it won't come back.
  15. 2 months on Accutane! I've done one month on 40 mg and one on 60 (I'm 115-118 lbs). I think the bit of a breakout I had recently was from my period. My skin is looking the best it has since I started Accutane I think. Though throughout the course I have had times where I feel like my skin is very clear and then I break out again. The drug seems to like to build up hope and shatter dreams, over and over again. Annoying. But this time my skin just really seems to be a lot better in t