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  1. I’ve had a pimple about a pea size with no head and under the skin for 4 days. it’s red and it’s not swollen anymore but the bump is still very noticeable and it feels hard when i press on it. i’ve been applying tea tree oil and vick’s vapor rub because i read that it can make the pimple come to a head. i havent been using BP on it because it’s under the skin. what else can i try?
  2. ever since i was a kid i’ve picked on my arms, badly. there was always a lot of whitehead’s and i’d spend hours picking at every single one. now years later i’ve finally stopped but now the dark spots are horrible. how can i get rid of these? they bring my self esteem down so much:( please help
  3. i have this really bright red pimple at the tip of my nose. it has no head and is sort of painful. i tried popping it but nothing came out. unfortunately, going to a dermatologist isn't an option:( what can i do to get rid of this horrible pimple? it's so annoying and sooooo hard to cover up:( from what i've read, i think i have a blind pimple. i've seen some websites saying tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, or hot water will help. what will get this out the quickest? thank you.
  4. i have pretty moderate acne, especially on my forehead. i'm in highschool and get SO many pimples on my face (forehead and nose especially) and ever since i was smaller, my mom would pop my arm pimples. i was very small and i developed a habit for popping my arm pimples. it was so bad, i would lock myself in the bathroom to pop everything i could, and i would be left with open wounds. this was daily, and eventually my mom found out. she told me to stop but i did not have the self control to do i
  5. when i was small, i had a LOT of pimples on my arms, and my mom used to pop them, after that i thought it was good to pop them so sometimes i'd lock myself up in the bathroom and pop every thing i could. this lasted years and now i'm left with ugly dark scars:( that was just to show how obsessive i am with popping. well now i'm a teenager and get quite a lot of pimples on my forehead, nose, etc. but i cannot control popping every single thing on my forehead, it ends up looking worse that what i