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  1. wow wow almost 1 year later I am back. I have to be honest, the past 9 months were the best skin years of my life. I never felt so carefree ... and i actually felt like a normal human being without makeup. Unfortuenlty, all good things come to an end.... it's coming back. I don't get much cystics. however mainly just pimples that have a head.. it started out with like 1 or 2 a week then now it's every freaking day again. not as bad as before but definitely a "dermatologist worthy" probl
  2. hi! good luck with your course! I'm sure you will not regret accutane! i decided against med school because i'm just being practical for my own personal life goals. As a female I don't think i'm up for the whole schooling and residency thing. I'll be over 30 by the time i can open practice. I know for others this is what they want. but as each year passes, I come to my own realizations... about when i want to start a fam, have kids, etc. I've shadowed female residents in the past and they
  3. @Jimmywooo yeah i still have pretty dry eyes. i still have them now, but i;m still able to wear contacts... i wear them about every other day for about 6 hours each. and to be on the safe side, i bring some rewetting drops. it's not too bad (like i'm not in pain or anything) but it's definitely not as comfortable as i would like i hope this will lessen later on however!!
  4. loll... jimmy 188... i want to "hold tounge" too sigh.... You will be fine. i studied and took the MCAT and GRE THROUGH my period of taking accutane. ( yess i had a change in career path) nevertheless, I did very well on both and was recently accepted to 3 top 10 Universities for graduate programs and will be going to one. From my own experience, I don' think accutane will obstruct your pathway to obtaining your undergrad college degree
  5. @cherington - aww thank youu!! hahha I'm 23 now good luck with you course I love reading your updates as well WEEK: I HAVE NO IDEA BUT IM DONEE! I'm 1 month off accutane, and I just came back from teh dermo. I"M DONE!!!! as in, I didn't need to make another appointment anymore the nurses all said: Congrats! So it was kind of cool Turns out the doctor went to the medical school of the same university I'm going to this fall for my graduate school degree! I wish I had known sooner... could ha
  6. ahh i totally knw what you mean!!! everytime i talk to a cute guy theres a voice in the back of my head saying "hes looking at your skin... hesss loookiinggg at your gross skinnn" -____- it suckssss and I don't care to dress too pretty or soemthing because I feel people will be thinking in their head "whats that girl to do.. shes trying to dress fashionably but it doesnt hide the fact that her skin is crappy" I know.. this is horrible thinking -__- but yeah, I REALLY need to alter my minds
  7. Great Improvement!! =) we have similar skin typing so it's fun to follow your progress too! I got about 2 IB's as well.. and I think my second IB was about the same time as you so thats normal emotions are def weird. I was applying to graduate school at the time and I would Bawl after sending in each application in fear I wouldn't get in ..... yeahh totally weird HAHA and unlike myself -___- ... I rarely cry (pre accutane). LOL
  8. woahh what an inspirational log! I read through every post ahaha it took me a while but after finished reading it I felt like I watched a really good movie Congrats on your amazing skin improvement!! Hopefully it will be like this when I finish my course as well
  9. hehe how cool!! we are both around the same period for our accutane! although I'm jealous of your results!!! You have no scars at alll!!!! me on the other hand... no actives anymore...but a lot of dents -___- nevertheless YAY FOR THIS AMAZING JOURNEY! congrats on this AWESOME improvement
  10. @Heine- Thank you soo much It's really nice to hear that it's been a long and semi painful/annoying journey but all worth it!! Week 21 hi everyone! I'm so happy to be clear right now it's AMAZINGG!! I'm just left with these scars I really wish I didn't have.. (I think they will be permanent because they are rolling and icepick :/ ) If anyone knows ways of diminishing those can you share? Here are the progress pics! According to my doc, I Just need to finish up this month of accutane and
  11. week 16 woww time has passed so quickly huh? well i'm still here.. life's just been busy.. although i reckon not many people follow this thread, but I STILLLOVE YALL ON THIS SAME ACCUTANE JOURNEY AS MINE! WE CAN DOO IT!! *raises that fist the same way as on that the female stamp thing * hahhaha This stamp thing: [Removed] so like always I attached the most recent picture of my skin now... its pretty scar-y but at least no actives! i'm trying this regimine where I mix bio
  12. hi!! good luck with your course! I remember starting to get really dry around the 1st week actually, had horrible flaking scalp too :/ not very fun... but its just a process and it gets better later.
  13. Congrats!!! it's so inspirational and great to see these awesome results from accutane users have a great year! Thank you for documenting your journey along the way and let us know of any more updates
  14. week 11 wow.. so fast, I cant believe its already dec 30. The next time I post here it will be 2011. Since I feel not many people read this thread anyway, I'll also take this opportunity to also talk about some things that don't completely relate to my skin. alot of things have happened this year 2010.... I graduated from a well known university GAMBLED at a casino for teh first time began accutane Went to Europe for the first time in my LIFE!!! received an interview for a "REAL" full-time j
  15. Week 10 skin is OK. not very happy because a lady told me I had premature wrinkles. wtf. she told my my skin typing is dry and I should put on more lotion because I already have premature wrinkles. um.. she doesn't know I'm taking accutane. anyway i have horrible scars underneath lighting. progress is not so good. ugh i'm never gonna look pretty without makeup my dents are SO UGLY and my face is pretty gross. i can't wait till im done with this and when i earn enough money i can like resurf