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  1. @draci Yes I am currently on that kind of diet also with no meat and there are no results.. I tried laser treatments last year, I went to 7 or 8 and there was no change except in my bank account
  2. @MrBakery I wash it 1-2-3 per day depending if I am wearing makeup. On the days when I wear makeup first I rinse my face with water, clean it with micellar water the Bioderna Sensibio one and apply a day cream with cotton extract before I put makeup on. I take off my makeup with water wet towel, then clean it with micellar water, and rinse it with water. Before I go to sleep I rinse it with water again and apply tea tree oil. This happens once or twice a week because most of the time I don'
  3. @Sirius Lee Comedogenic products do make me break out terribly, and also ingredients like alcohol denat, talc, dimeticone.. I was using a vitamin C face serum and it had jojoba oil in it and it caused small tiny piples all over my forehead and t zone where I normaly never break out.. I am willing to try aloe vera plant, could it be helpful?
  4. @queenaynay I used it all over my face. I used to dilute it with water but it didn't do anything to my skin. I can't use jojoba or coconut oils cause they are known to be comedogenic and can cause more acne. Currently the tea tree oil is the only thing that calms my skin and acne a little, I don't know what else to try. @Sirius Lee Can I try some other dandruff shampoo instead? Maybe Head&Shoulders? So if the dandruff shampoo calms my skin and acne it means that the acne is fungal an
  5. @JoeyP Thank you for your kind words but it isn't so easy to stay positive with problem like this. I have acne for 7 years now, came to the point of trying everything and anything and still no progress. I am depressed and sad for not being able to enjoy things because of my acne, I have no self confidence, I stay at home all day everyday because I am too embarassed for people to see my face, I can't even go to the local store without foundtion cause the workers there ask me what's wrong with my
  6. I wouldn't be posting this if my problem wasn't that serious so please guys just write anything that comes to your mind that can be of a help to me.. Thank you. My acne sterted when I was 15 years old, I am 22 now and in this point I have tried everything. From topical treatments by the most famous brands that claim to help acne such as La Roche, Bioderma, Avene.. Nothing really helped. Went to 3 dermatologists and cosmetitians, they have done various treatments to my skin like extractions, p
  7. I have acne for almost 10 years now, the first couple of years they were not so serious but more so like little pimples and later when I started college they got really worse. Lately when I went to a doctor to get my regular blood check she started to asking me questions including my situation with the acne, I told her my journey and she told me that the most effective simple cure is by donating blood.. She told me to gain more weight (I have 50kg with height of 155cm which I concider a prett
  8. So guys I plan on starting to use Apple cider vinegar for my acne and acne scarring.. But I am little confused on what other treatments are allowed to be used and are safe (I ask in case some of them don't react good with the ACV and cause a bad reaction) Btw I have dry skin on my cheeks where i tend to break out and oily T zone that don't break out, crazy right? I read that it should be put on the affected areas with cotton ball and be left for a couple minutes and then rinsed with water.
  9. Persephona


    I am on Diane too, 3th month with one month break. My skincare is so simple, I use Bioderma H20 sensibio micellar water to clean my face day and night, I take off my foundation with it too. Then wash my face with only warm water. I used to use an antibiotic lotion afterwards on my acne, It was a homemade one by a cosmetitian and I have no idea of the ingredients, it was white and smelled like alcohol but it helped me like crazy. Too bad now they stoped to made it and I started to use tea t
  10. I am 22 now and when I first got my acne problem I was about same age as you. Our family doctor told me I should visit a dermatogist but my mother refused to take me to one cause she used to have acne at her teenage years too and she like tried everything and nothing helped her and they disappeared itself so she told me not to waste time and money on anything and wait for them to naturaly go away. Here I am almost a decade still having acne that are faaar away worse than in the begining. I w
  11. Here is my story of starting Diane 35. So I first got my acne when I was 14 as I remember, until this point of my age of 22 nothing helped. I have never suspected that it can be hormonal until I actualy read all the hormonal imbalance symptoms and I decided to visit a gynecologist. I made a hormonal test checking all the hormones and also made an ovaries check to see if they are polycystic. Luckily everything turned out just great, no hormones above or under level, ovaries great.. But still
  12. @CelestialElf I have read and saved your whole regimen, I am on a same diet as you currently avoiding junk food and sugar especially cause me too am suspecting that sugar is a big cause of my breakouts. I stopped eating all kinds of sweets for a month and a half now and instead I eat fresh fruit and sometimes dried dates (they are my quilty pleasure) I don't know if they are breaking me out I should stop them for awile and see what happens, now I get only 2-3 cysts on each side on my cheeks (th
  13. @honey&ginseng Hello there, thank you so much for your kind and motivating words, you have no idea how much happy makes me hearing that there are people who can still love you no matter what but I must say that that is a really rare thing. I don't know maybe I am wrong and I most of a time I happen to run to people who are judgemental. As I said in my previous post, I have dated a couple of guys and no relationship succeeded. Sometimes I comfort myself thinking that maybe they were not sea
  14. @CelestialElf @r12345 Thank you guys so much for your help and kind words, you are totally right about that that I shouldn't worry about my situation so much and live my life but yet I feel so bad looking how all my friends have a nice skin even without makeup and minimal skin care and yet here I am with tons of products and stuff and still having the worst skin ever. I feel bad cause it is not my fault and I can't do anything about it. I have tried everything and nothing is working. I am 22
  15. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - probably the only foundation that never caused me breakouts and actually improved the look of my skin. I am afraid of trying new products especially foundations cause I had really bad experience in the past from experimenting so now when I find something I stick to it. Everyone that is looking for good light-medium coverage, this one is a gem.