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  1. I can only speak for myself, but since being off Accutane for about 6 weeks now, my skin is as clear and as soft as a baby's butt! Basically, what it was like about 10 years ago.
  2. So far, the only one that has worked for me is CeraVe. It's working fantastic! Good Luck.
  3. Like my "title" says, this is kinda off topic. Does anyone on here use that Chat area? I am just curious. I still don't have chat privileges and can't check it out yet... I'm just bored at the moment and wondering.
  4. ACK! I'm flaking like an Alien... DAY 9: No update yesterday kids, Hubby came home for two days from his business trip! Here's the deal. Face is looking pretty damn good. Everything that pops up (pun intended) is gone in a day or so, but not much is coming up. The overall texture is much smoother. Seems like the stuff that made it kinda bumpy is smoothing out. Good stuff happening! My back is clearing soooo well. My face is still dry but using only the CeraVe is working out great. My
  5. Well, I would describe my acne just about the same. I am sure that there are many, many people on here that would see my skin and think "WTF is she on Accutane for?" But, I have been dealing with it for years now and I'm done. Sick of never knowing how my face will look REALLY sick of wondering how my back will be. I have a decent body and I want to wear those cute clothes with low backs in the summer... Sorry, tangent there! Anyways, to answer your question. I would think that your red
  6. I would make an appeal with your insurance company. Don't be discouraged, it's not a big deal to do this, just call your insurance company and tell them that you want to appeal a prescription denial. What insurance do you have and what state are you in? I am 35, have mild-moderate acne and my insurance covers it completely, I only have to pay my $10 prescription co-pay. I will say however that we have fantastic insurance coverage but I would still think you might be able to get it if you a
  7. I CANNOT imagine what my husband would say if he walked into the bathroom and saw me dabbing my pee allover my face... :shock:
  8. Still going well... DAY 7: Here I sit at the end of my day, still quite pleased with how this is working out. Don't know if my upbeat attitude is helping at all but damn if I won't keep it going. Woke up this am with a couple of nothings on my chin. I'm sure they will be gone in a day or two. Everything is still really dry so I am using the CeraVe morning and night now. For those of you who were worried about my crusty nose, never fear, Aquafor is here! Yeah, I lubed up my nose last n
  9. exactly, for some reason the soap works great while the lotion sucks. i'm in dire need of a new one. I can't say enough about the CeraVe. It really seems to be working great. They sell it at Walgreens. Here is a link so you can check it out. GL http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...d1538406#review
  10. exactly, for some reason the soap works great while the lotion sucks. i'm in dire need of a new one.
  11. Just another day in paradise... DAY 6: Not much to say today, I am tired and crabby but crabby because I am tired. Crappy night last night, I was up on and off half of the night with my little guy being sick. Oh the joys of Hubby being out of town on business, I get to suffer alone. j/k I adore being a Mom, the ups, the downs and the bad nights... On with skin updates. That big ass thing on my forehead really is basically gone. The boys and I never left the house today so I never put makeup
  12. I thought I was going to shoot water out my nose! :D You rock RCR!! I will be tuning in to see how you are plodding along. p.s. My Derm did tell me that some (few) people don't have an IB, they just start getting better from day 1. I'm crossing my fingers for ya. (whcih maks typung vewy hrd)
  13. Plumbing problems... DAY 4: hmmm. Woke up and my skin is dryer and my nose is feeling like I haven't blown it in months, like it's stuffed with Rice Crispies... Lips are still great (thanks Aquaphor!) I have also been applying lotion like crazy! I really don't want the rest of my body to get dry. Also, when I woke up yesterday, I had had this bump under the skin on my shoulder it wasn't red-no one would even know it was there. Anyways... This morning, it was red and all of the skin had peeled