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  1. Day 150 Well... today is the day... my final dose of iso!!! I can't believe how fast the course went... it feels like just yesterday that I took my first dose. I am going to write a summary of my course and my final thoughts in the coming days.. if it helps even just one person that'd be great! I will also write some tips and tricks I learned along the way which will hopefully help someone down the road!
  2. @4569ally Keep up that postive attitiude! You will make it! Is your face constantly red or only sometimes???
  3. @jPablo That's awesome! Just keep in mind that it will work even if you feel discouraged at times. Keep us posted on how things are going! @sanjam95 I think some small breakouts near the end of the course is alright. Just as long as they aren't cystic. And I feel you about the redness... but... just imagine the feeling of bliss once it's gone! Better days ahead! Hey all! Day 144 Wow! I am into the final week!... where did the time go? Lol. These last couple weeks have been rough... i'v
  4. @sanjam95 I actually haven't broke out at all on my face during the last few weeks. I broke out a bit on my body but other than that i've been clear! How is your course going overall??
  5. Hey guys!! Holy. Crap. Only two weeks left... this feeling of being so close is unbelievable. These last two weeks of the final month have been hard... i've been tired, sore, and just in general uncomfortable. The dryness and redness have intensified as well. BUT.... I am completely clear of acne on my face and 99% on my body. I am so grateful that iso worked for me... i actually look at the box of Claravis and see the equivalent of a guardian angel lol. Now I just need to ride out these
  6. Day 120 Hey all! Wow.. month 4 ended as quick as it started! Exciting news!.. my derm said i am only going to need 5 months! When she said that I almost couldn't believe it.. I had to sit there and process that I only have one more month. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my last set of pills, and it just felt really weird so say the least. My skin is clear besides the odd pimple here and there, and new ones heal sooo much faster. My face turns red sometimes from heat and stuff, but it's
  7. Day 103 We hit the 100 day mark! Woohooo! My skin is doing pretty well. I haven't had any major breakouts in a few weeks! Looking back, I followed the generic accutane course flow in terms of acne: start - IB during first month or so - IB begins to subside during month two - things to start to clear month three. As far as side effects, my joint and back pain seemed to subside even on an increased dose!... or i'm just going numb to the pain lol. Dry skin has been kept at bay with Cerave moistur
  8. Day 99 Hey everyone! It's been a while! My skin over the last week and half from the last time I posted has been pretty stable. I haven't had any major breakouts since 2017... that's so crazy to say! LOL. My skin is still pretty dry but moisturizer does the trick. My lips have been saved by aquaphor this whole time... i might marry it for how helpful it's been lol. My skin still turns red at times, but I try to keep the ultimate goal in mind and not let it get to me too much. How are you al
  9. @4569ally Good to hear the breakouts are slowing down! I kinda had the same thing about 6 weeks ago where certain spots wouldn't die.. then the raise in dose obliterated them lol. I definitely agree that the redness/dryness is annoying. Day 87 Over the last two weeks my skin changed so much it's unbelievable. It went from kinda dry, to sahara desert dry lol, to shedding like a snake, to very soft baby butt skin lolol. I saw my derm yesterday for my third follow up and she explained that as
  10. Day 84 Happy New Year everyone! I'm very happy to put 2017 in the past! lol My skin over the last week has been peeling like crazy! My skin was so dry it looked like mudcrack photos taken in nature lol. It started peeling off in big peices. The skin underneath is extremely soft and not dry at all! Kinda weird, but I won't question it lol. My face turns red sometimes for no apparent reason.. i'm pretty sure it's just the iso "irritating" my skin. The breaking out has been really coming to
  11. Day 79 I am definitely passed the IB period. The breakouts are really slowing down! My skin is red and peely, but I guess that's the price you pay for clear skin in the long run lol.. I consider it an investment with long term returns lol. My body acne is starting to slow down as well! Aside from my skin, the side effects haven't been too miserable. I'll get the occasional headache and some joint pain, but it pales in comparison to the pain that acne causes in life.
  12. Day 76 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! My skin is definitely clearing up acne-wise. The jump to 70mg has really made a difference! The skin on my cheeks has like this layer of dry skin over them... and it's only on my cheeks lol.. kinda weird. Just trying to keep up with moisturizing to keep things comfortable.
  13. Congrats @Juwalker!!! Hopefully in a few months i'll follow suit.
  14. Day 72 Hey guys! These last two weeks since the raise to 70mg have been tough overall. I have had major fatigue for the past week...I can fall asleep on demand now lol. The red face thing has returned and my skin has become very dry. I've been moisturizing religiously, but I think the iso is winning the battle on skin dryness at the moment. On the bright side, I didn't have another major flare of breakouts from the raise in dose. Some of the old breakouts are starting to dry up! I think overal
  15. Day 66 Broke out a little bit on my forehead. I got a zit on my right cheek for the first time during the course.. kinda random lol. Skin and lips are definitely more flaky, but i'm not sure if it's from the raise in dose or the non-existent humidity in southern california at the moment lol. My humidifer is probably my best friend this month lol.