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  1. thanks-sounds logical really. i'll see how i react to roaccutane and if it doesnt clear it up for good ill try the regimen
  2. ok this isnt as specific as the title shows...ill explain basically the derm recommended that once i begin my roaccutane treatment that really no more than 2 pints should be drunk in one evening. fair enough, but is it possible to stop taking the treatment for a few days maximum? sounds stupid i know but during my treatment there will be glastonbury festival and my 18th birthday, you know the score lol..... also is it wise to use marijuana during treatment. the derm siad there were no r
  3. ok, ive been given the go form the dermotologist to start using roaccutane. however i have to wait for blood test etc so it will be a while before i start. is it wise to try the regimen now? my acne is quite severe and would like to try and combat the redness and breakouts. also i have been warned that roaccutane can worsen the acne to begin with. would the regimen help this? thanks matt
  4. heres the situation saw a dermatologist through private Bupa etc (dont flame me for morals, dad has a clause in his salary package) but we have now discovered that the healthcare package will not cover the price of the course of Roaccutane. the dermatologist said i applied for the course of drugs and wrote me a prescription and i have the blood tests next week. does anyone know the price of a full course of Roaccutane? also if i have seen the dermatologist already through private