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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought initially. The other day I was outside (I'm just on my first week of accutance, by the way) and I noticed today I was a bit pinker around the nose than usual. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be careful while I'm on it!
  2. Wow, thanks for the in-depth reply, Me_23! Those stories you posted are great and answered my question admirably. And I'm definitely pleased about once Accutane is over, everything goes back to normal. Thanks again for the response! I'm still open to hearing other people's experiences with the sun whilst on Accutane.
  3. Recently I've been looking into Accutane. I have moderate/severe acne, and am pretty fed up with it; I've got a dermatologist appointment in a couple of weeks, hoping they can point me in the right direction or prescribe me Accutane. I have one query though in regards to side-effects etc, though. I understand that while taking Accutane, you become more sensitive to the sun, so you should always use a sunblock when going outdoors in the sunlight. I've got no problem with that, but what I do have
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm using the 2008 batch first, at least for a few months, then I'll go to the other one. Shouldn't be any dramas.
  5. I recently got an acne medication containing salicylic acid (from eBay if you must know ) and was a bit worried to find that while one tube expires 03/2009, the other one has already "expired" (03/2008). Should I be worried at all? Or is it ok to use this product given the active ingredient? Thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone know if Aspro Clear (soluble) are ok to use in aspirin masks? Each tablet contains 300mg aspirin, 150mg sodium, and apparently contains saccharin sodium and is aluminium, lactose and gluten free. Are any of these ingredients damaging? Or is this version of aspirin ok to use?
  7. Ah, that's what I wanted to hear, thanks! It's funny; my skin is already much worse without the BP and it's only been three days.
  8. I'm going on a trip for 2 weeks, and am not taking my Benzoyl Peroxide, so I won't be able to do the Regimen due to numerous reasons. The question I have to ask is, when I get back, can I immediately use the full-finger length of BP I was using before, or do I need to start fresh? (little bit then increase gradually) Thanks in advance.
  9. Hmm, are there any effective non-comedogenic SPF's out there? I think I'll be getting the AHA, and wouldn't mind having a nice SPF to use on the side, too.
  10. What if I just bought the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion and used it as a spot treatment only at night? Then I wouldn't have to worry about getting sunburns because of it, no? Does this sound like a reasonable idea? =D
  11. I'm looking to buy a product with some AHA, and I've narrowed it down to two products. Alpha Hydroxed Enhanced Lotion or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. Can someone tell me the main differences between them and which is overall the more effective product? Thanks in advance.
  12. Huh, interesting, I'll be sure to lower the temperature of my showers from now on! And I'll start to moisturise after I shower; I'll post soon to let people know how I went, in case there are indeed people in a similar predicament! Thanks.
  13. Yes, it's me again. This time I need to ask about flaky skin. I have afternoon showers (5 PM); it's a habitual thing and due to time restraints and such I can't have morning showers. I use my moisturiser (Dan's) in the morning and at night before I go to bed (Cetaphil - Lotion), but I don't use it after my shower. Whilst in the shower I wash my face with Cetaphil Cleanser; from after my shower until I go to bed/apply more moisturiser, my skin gets very flaky. Is the Cetaphil causing this? (ie
  14. Yeah, these are old red spots. I don't think any have come about since I've started the Regimen. And yes, I have increased my BP amount to 3/4 of a finger, and I think I'll keep it at that level, since I'm already having some flakiness problems. I might look into adding some AHA after all. =D