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  1. Well, it's coming up on three years. I may be at the point where it has dissolved as much as it's going to dissolve. Having the procedure now is a good time since I'm jobless and masks are typical in public, but it's a bad time too since I'm job hunting.
  2. Update: Well, I was supposed to have subcision on my right cheek with Dr. Ringpfeil but I got cold feet. What if something goes wrong? What if I make things worse than they are now?
  3. What is it? It's the natural contouring of your face. If you take the same pics of your right side, you'll see the same symmetry. You know you are obsessing, right? For whatever reason, you have it in your head that your face should be as smooth as a ball. No one's face is like that -- well, except a few women perhaps, usually Asian.
  4. Hmmmm . . . I tried Skinpen on my left temple and did not like the results immediately after at all. The area was red for several months and what I noticed is that prior my temple was a bit like a puffy padded quilt. After Skinpen it was as if the puff was reduced and the depressions connected. It's been a few years and a Restylane Lyft filling later and it looks okay. But I digress. Give it some time. It's too soon to judge what you had done even after six weeks. Also post some befo
  5. Are you willing to post any pictures? I'm going through the same. Everyone wants to put his/her best foot forward and that's hard to do, if one feels one is somehow compromised. The easy answer is to focus on other aspects of your life and it sounds like you have a full life. The harder answer is to either accept how you look and say "It is what it is," or work on some plan to incrementally better your skin.
  6. There is nothing to be ashamed about. I know you see your face every day and you know it better than anyone else so I'm not trying to minimize what you see. I'd reach out to one of your best friends -- maybe a woman and see if she sees what you see. Slight imperfections are what makes us human. I just wouldn't want you to keep pursuing perfection and then making a problem. I got a treatment 2-1/2 years ago and I haven't been the same since. I really made matters worse than if I'd just l
  7. It appears to be the natural contours of your face. If you look at your pic under the wood ceiling and the airplane pic, you'll see a barely perceptible indent on the other cheek so your face has good, balanced contours. Look, if I saw a scar, I'd say something like "Oh, it's not that bad." Everyone here who suffers with scarring has heard that statement before and we all know it means that yah, to a certain extent it's bad. I'd never say that about you. If you try to fix and keep fixing w
  8. I also see no scarring in your before and after pictures. You may be obsessing. You look great! Honestly if my face looked like yours, I'd be confident and happy.
  9. No way will I try it. I have a very strong suspicion the appearance will worsen because the dissolving won't happen in an even plane. Dr. Ringpfeil also noted that old filler is much harder to dissolve than new filler. A very important lesson to all of this face work is that one can make appearances worse. I didn't think about that until Dr. Novick so now I'm very careful.
  10. I wish Dr. Benham had used the same lighting for the "afters." Does anyone recognize what type of needle/method the doctor used? I'm still EXTREMELY wary of fillers. If any re-tethering occurs it will squeeze that filler down and make those rolling scars even worse. I intend to use suction like Mr. Matt did!
  11. Hypertrophic?! Am I going to make more of a mess out of my face than it already is?! :-(
  12. In September I have the option of getting the older, more aggressive version of subcision vs the newer blunt cannula based type. The latter isn't as effective according to my doctor. Any thoughts? I had heard Nokor can lead to more hematomas and down time. Also has anyone heard of any infection issues? My doctor said 5% of people could have issues with infection.
  13. No, that wasn't my point. He got subcision and fraxel laser in the same 4 hour session so it's hard to know if one was more transformative than the other. Yes, attitude is important as is hope!
  14. Update: So I finally saw Ringpfeil in person today for my consultation. She was very thorough and agreed that any fillers I had SHOULD NOT be dissolved with hyaluronidase because she said it was a powerful enzyme that could dissolve my own tissue. My lumpy face would likely get lumpier. She felt subcision was a good bet HOWEVER, she is not familiar with cannula based subcision and would instead rely on the old Nokor needles. I'm not sure how I feel about that. She said she could use the c
  15. ^That guy went on quite the journey. I'm surprised that he had the laser right after subcision and I wonder which procedure produced more results.