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  1. How do you know this? Were you a patient of his?
  2. I'd recommend reading through Mr. Matt's "Man in the Mirror" thread. He has all kinds of info on peels, dermarolling and the creams and supplements he uses.
  3. I think I heard Dr. Weiner said he worked on the development of Genius RF. There is a youtube video where he subcises and then uses the Genius RF and talks about it a bit.
  4. Try reaching out to Beautifulambition directly. https://www.acne.org/profile/515969-beautifulambition/
  5. Mr. Matt had his first subcisions every two months -- March, May and July. I wish he could speak to his results and why he chose that frequency. I was merely stating that the frequency may have been too close but I don't have experience with subcision so that's for others to answer.
  6. Because Mr. Matt did and his face looks fantastic. I really think he was onto something with his subcision frequency. Maybe every two months is too much. Not sure.
  7. Restylane for about 9 years (three sessions) and then one session of Voluma. I regret it all. I should have followed Mr. Matt's path and had subcision done. My 9 year plastic surgeon didn't and still doesn't perform subcision so back when I started, I didn't know about it as an option. Read about Mr. Matt's experience with subcision and SUCTION.
  8. This is what Mr. Matt said about one of his nodules:
  9. When I started the journey, my face didn't look like a padded quilt. If the filler "magically disappears" then why did it leave such a mess? Just so you know I did not have subcision. My plastic surgeon injected the acne depressions. For a few, he had to use the injection needle to break some of the tethering.
  10. I think Mr. Matt got some nodules. Did you read through his thread? I thought he said he had them injected with Cortisone.
  11. How long do dermafillers really last? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoF_Ez27-L0
  12. I really, really discourage fillers. Let your face do most of the work in building natural collagen after subcision. Mr. Matt got three subcisions spaced 2 months apart -- March, May and July -- with no fillers. Then about a year or so later he got a fourth and started suctioning. Something to consider. Have you ever seen a road full of potholes that are patched? Some look mostly flat with the surrounding area but still perceptible. Some get depressed over time but the asphalt filler ext
  13. I recommend reading Mr. Matt's thread on subcision, which I recently brought to the top of the thread list. He used no filler. I don't recommend filler. Any retethering and the filler, will get squeezed, making your face lumpy. Retethering can occur. The filler is supposed to prevent it but . . . Mr. Matt used suction instead to prevent retethering.
  14. Mr. Matt swears by suction starting three days after subcision. He used a handheld Oreck vacuum! Did you have fillers introduced after subcision?
  15. There is a dermatological test case where I saw hyaluronindase being used to treat Cutis gyrata, a condition where folds of fat develop on the head. And for what it's worth Dr. Novick even uses it to dissolve chin fat. Sure, use filler in subcised scars and if they slowly retether, the filler will be squeezed outward. Less is more imo. I had received filler injected into my depressions and they'd look fine for a few years but then retether. After three rounds of this over about 7 ye