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  1. Jeeesh. What country do you live in that your doctors are this incompetent? As I suggested before, just leave it alone until you get a definitive diagnosis. Don't stick it with a needle, squeeze it, inject it with medicines from India, massage it, rub it with various vegetables or anything else. I still think you need to see a therapist as well to help you cope.
  2. I don't believe anything I see posted by makers of procedures or doctors. After all, for them it's a business and there is too much photo editing. That's why the ONLY evidence I like to believe is when people post their own pictures like on this site. Images from QuanHenry and Mr. Matt are great because they have no reason to photo edit their posted images. As such, I believe them to be true and a good examples of what their procedures might do on my own face.
  3. And if a person has darker skin like mine, you might get some hyperpigmentation issues. I had Skinpen done on my temple as a test (thank God only there) and two months later its starting to look normal again. No more microneedling for me. Not only did I have pigmentation issues, but it seems like the skin around my acne scars plumped up, while the tethered dents stayed tether and darkened. This increased the contrast of high and low areas! I have heard that other needling should have been
  4. I edited my last post. The phrase 'home equity line of credit" was only meant to illustrate that for me the cost would rise into the thousands for subcision of all of my scars with Novick. I have many dents. And that's why following the example of others I don't want to give out pricing. Cost really is based upon each individual's case.
  5. I was pretty clear on cost regarding subcison. I got a quote from Rullan and a quote from Novick on his cost to subcise per scar. Rullan's cost was for the entire face was reasonable. To only subcise with Novick I'd need to dig deep into my finances given the amount of scars I have. Now if we are talking Novicks "light" subcision with no filler, then he might be in line with Rullan in terms of cost. If Novick thinks the filler helps to prevent retethering, he won't admit it out loud, a
  6. 1) I did get pricing from Dr. Novick. His individual subcising pricing simply cannot match Dr. Rullans. However, their treatments are like comparing an apple and an orange. For me Dr. Novick wanted "light" subcision of both cheeks and then generalized Voluma filler. After 6 weeks or more he wanted to see what dents were still deep/visible and those he'd individually subcise. Dr. Rullan wants to "heavily" subcise my whole face and then microneedle -- same session. I said NO microneedling.
  7. ^Ha! The beard covers nothing except good skin! Leaning towards Dr. Rullan.
  8. ^Yep. I have the same quandary. I'm wary of fillers. I've had three sessions of spot filling since 2004 and ending in 2013. You can see the result in my thread. Of course Dr. Novick wants to fill my cheeks broadly, not just each dent and prior to that a light subcision. Dr. Rullan will subcise my entire face and then I'd rely on my own body's collagen to refill my dents. I'm leaning towards Dr. Rullan.
  9. ^I sent the above pics to Dr. Rullan. He wants to perform regular subcision. The cost for that and an airline ticket to San Diego would be about same as Dr. Novick's treatment. Now I have to decide what to do!
  10. Alas, if it were only a matter of texture. My camera blurs selfie images so I took some better images non selfie. You can see lots of deep scaring.
  11. ^I appreciate your lengthy post. Right now I'm at a stalemate. Dr. Novick was really pushing for "light subcision" and then filler in the SAME session. For me he saw enough sagging that he felt I needed a fill. That's why I think while he says "subcision" he's not really going to do that, but I don't know what he will do prior fill. His fee per dent is what you stated before for that range of service so how can he do my whole face with filler for hundreds, if not thousands, less as "light
  12. ^Dr. Novick basically said suction is useless except as a placebo and that he can subcise and not inject and the scars would not retether. He said he uses filler with subcision for "best effect." My concerns are his "light" subcision and spreading Voluma across both cheeks. I don't want donuts, more unevenness . . . . the Voluma scares me.
  13. ^Dr. Novice was ADAMANT that he provided filler after the light subcision as a "biostimulant" only. I asked him this very directly. He feels his subcision is enough and he doesn't believe in retethering. He also added the he wanted to treat both cheeks because he believed from studies that individual pimples do more than just harm the skin under them but spread cellular damage across a much larger area, causing facial depression.
  14. Since another member was asked by Novick to not divulge costs, I won't as well. However, I didn't think the cost was excessive. Mind you, the subcision he was talking about was NOT individual scars. It seems to be a generalized swiping of the entire area pre filler from one incision point. He said it's something done quickly. I'm trying to confirm with another member/patient if this is the case.
  15. I went to see Dr. Novick this week. He wants to do a "light" subcision (?) and fill my cheeks with Voluma. I didn't think there was a "light" subcision but it sounds reasonable. Then he said after about six weeks, he'd go back and subcise individually the ones that were still visible.I was surprised to hear he thinks suction is a complete waste of time.My face looks like the RaptorPilot who left the forum -- lots of rolling scars like a padded quilt.