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  1. chapstick. mascara for special occasions.
  2. yeah. i', fourteen years old and i have it too. i guess it's just because i got acne so young (10-11) so my skin has been dealing with me drying it out for three-four years with BP, SA, retin-a, gah everything. i've been lightening up a little and using aqua glycolic (AHA). can't say i've gotten great results yet. it's only day three, but i find it less drying personally, and the lines aren't a problem with it because it's also a treatment for wrinkles..
  3. you look really good! make up? i hope accutane can help you look like this without it! (:
  4. you look really good here. i hope whatever cystic acne you mentioned in the description goes away because you're definitely beautiful. in a non creepy way. (:
  5. i tried it for like 2-3 months and it at forst helped me out a lot, then it gradually stopped. my back is clearer than it was when i started though.
  6. It hadn't made my skin red, it's actually reduced some of the redness in my skin. ooh excellent. thank you!
  7. i really don't care about acne on guys since i have acne it's actually a lot more comfortable if they do.
  8. allisoonnnn you're pretty and you're awesome and your my bessstttt friiiieeeeennnndddd. i love you.
  9. i am also pretty pale when i'm not red (most of the time nowadays) i use the trublend in the pump and i like it except when i have dry skin it makes it more noticable. i don't know about the one in the pot but if i were you i'd stick to what i know works for me. maybe try a different store?
  10. rileeyy

    Quitting Murad

    duuuuuude not bad at all. mine;s not that bad either so i can't say that without being annoying but do not worry. you should be clear in no time at all (:
  11. ughh that stuff made me break out soooooo bad. like. the worst i have EVER broken out in my life. if it's working, great. but look out.
  12. i always wash my back at least once a day and usually twice. it clears up better when it's clean and you can sort of slough off the dead skin (gently not harshly) which makes twice more effective in my humble opinion.
  13. i just bought it so i don't know about the peeling that acne battle was talking about but i used it today and it definitely removed my make up. i don't wear a lot, but some concealer and some powder, and it was gone. you can always also use make up remover. i like it though it makes my skin hella smooth and nice feeling and looking. i'd consider it if i were you i was using the same cleanser as you before with ok results but even after one aqua glycolic use i'm already 1,000,000 times happier wi
  14. From the album: my gross face. no makeup. august.

    i may be ridiculous looking, but i'm pretty clear and i like it.
  15. pictures of my face. moderate acne. very red and shiny.
  16. It hadn't made my skin red, it's actually reduced some of the redness in my skin.
  17. my friends do say things unfortunately. usually my friends with a little acne will be like "yeah i hate acne. i know yours is worse but still i hate mine" which really doesn't help me at all. (: boyfriends never say anything about it..probably because i wear makeup and they don't really know! but i don't like it nonetheless even if no one says mean stuff to me about it (to my face)[anymore]
  18. that's not wrong. it's good to be nice about physical appearance. don't lower your standards to someone you don't love for their personality though!! that's important. (:
  19. bacne+chest acne=awfulllll. i went swimming twice this whole summer because i was so ashamed of it. with a shirt on. i've been struggling with it FOREVER it's so awful. i need to clear it up. the sun helped me but it's sucking right now because i sat in the sun yesterday and already it's negatively reacting, so i'm pretty sure it's not worth it. i'm going to try head and shoulders.
  20. hooray for vegheads everywhere. i was a vegan for a good bit of time but my body couldn't physically stand the strain, i was literally constantly sick and had migraine headaches almost every day and eventually what was the tie breaker, i passed out at school. i wish so badly that could have worked out. now i'm a vegetarian and i don't drink milk straight and i don't eat eggs and i try very hard to keep low on all forms of dairy without making myself sick like everyone says, goveg.com, is w
  21. hey alpal.

    haha i had to.

    anyway. comment me motha f---a!

  22. i did it at camp with my friend's cetaphil. so like, i was at camp, and i was disgusting, so my face was worse. and i can't say it felt terribly clean either. i'm not sure, maybe it works if you're in a cleaner environment than a tipi. (: