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  1. What is your weight in kg? The NHS advice is to take isotretinoin for 6 months max, 1mg per kg. So if you weigh 60kg you take 60mg a day.
  2. That's another name for doxycycline. It's a decent antibiotic for acne and I took it in my teens combined with benzoyl peroxide. Go along with it and see what happens. Don't do too much exfoliation though.
  3. I'd say it was around week 8 when I really started to notice the difference in my cysts / boils. I was on 40mg for the first four weeks then 70mg for the rest. Keep us posted!
  4. There was a guy on here who was a fan of fraxel repair. I live in the UK too and I'm not sure if this is available here... it should be but you will have to email lots of clinics. Some people say laser causes fat loss which is why I never tried it. Doctors on the other hand say lasers are safer than chemical peels as a laser is a "controlled" burn. I would go with safer options like subcision, fillers and electronic microneedling. Fraxel repair
  5. No I didn't form keloids from any of the treatments I've had (microneedling, scar revision, vbeam). I will go ahead with subcision when I can fit it in. I'm desperate to get it done.
  6. @beautifulambition Are there any risks with subcision? A few people have said they got raised bumps at the needle insertion points. I was wondering if this is common and if there is any way to avoid it?
  7. Yes I had purple spots all over my face for 6 weeks. I looked like a character out of monsters inc. The purple spots faded to red which took another 6 weeks. It sounds funny but acne and acne treatments have robbed me of many years of my life.
  8. This 18 year battle with acne has really taken it's toll. I started getting cysts at 11/12 and here I am at 29 still dealing with these issues. I don't get cysts anymore because I took a massive dose of accutane but I can't enjoy a cake without getting spots around my mouth. Then there are the scars. I will need to go under the knife again and I almost don't have the energy anymore.
  9. Is this the NHS? Maybe they're just not willing to prescribe it again? I don't know to be honest. I had one course which was approx 12,000mg in total.
  10. There's three treatments I regret for different reasons. The first would be Vbeam which left me housebound for 6 weeks. The doctor went in hard and caused bleeding and purpura so I had purple spots all over my face. Multiple treatments are required but I didn't bother after this and have seen much better results with a vitamin E scar cream. The second one I regret would be scar revision which I had done twice and both times the scar dehisced. My advice would be to never get scar revision done on
  11. Ah I see, sounds like a good idea. I was going to ask where I can buy a suction pump to stop the scar from re-tethering but I'll go with HA instead.
  12. Does HA stand for hyaluronic acid? What exactly does it do? I've found a doctor who can do nokor subcision at a reasonable price so I'll probably be looking at 3-4 subcision treatments spaced over a few months. Thanks
  13. If I take a picture facing the light the photograph doesn't show my scars, but in other light my scars look awful, especially in car windows. I can only mirror what the first post said - try subcison and perhaps retin A. I am afraid of trying retin A as there's been some horror stories on here lately, but it may be worth trying it out with a low strength.
  14. Would subcision improve these scars on my cheek? *edited*