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  1. Me 2 I dunno what to do heh. Its come right next to an old dormant cyst aswell I hope it doesnt aggrevate that too..
  2. Eww period talk.. Lol joking, my sister had pretty bad skin she went on the pill and it cleared her up completely and she stayed clear when she came off to have a baby when she was 25. I dont think hers just flared up around her time of the month but I cant remember was a while back.
  3. First accutane isnt an antibiotic, so dont get that confused! Accutane has many side effects and there is a lot of fuss about it causing join problem years after the initial course. But of course that hasn't been proven. I cant help you with what anti biotic is the best but Ive been on erythromycin this last 3 days for a bad cyst and the side effects are horrible 'Bloated, stomach cramps, muscle pain, nausea, general ill feeling' But that might be because I was on a high dose.. Your dermatol
  4. Hmm well I'm 19 now, and I may regret this statement but my skin is getting clearer, I mean my back cleared up a while ago on its own. So i keep hoping that my face will be next. I started around the same time you guys did. My eldest sister also got it around the same age, she is 26 now and has perfect skin, she went on the birth control pill though so I can't say when she actually naturally grew out of it. I know she has though as she has just had a baby so that means she is no longer on the pi
  5. There is only one type of cortisone its a chemical naturally produced in the body anyway, but of course like any steroid only small quantities are safe.They only use a very very small amount to inject so I wouldnt worry. Read this website although its mainly about backpain it should provide some usful imformation. http://www.spineuniverse.com/displayarticl...rticle1349.html
  6. Well glad your not offended. Leah I think your taking peoples responses a bit out of hand, I mean everyone gets cysts confused even dermatologists who often refer to cysts as being pimples larger than 0.5cm across, which is of course not accurate. I have had many pustules that feel like cysts but turn out not to be. I know everyones skin is different and I'm not saying longshot doesn't have cysts but from the pictures she provided I would highly doubt it. I'm only going down this route as I
  7. Nooo! never try to squeeze a cyst on the day it formed, dont even do that with normal pimples! I got a cyst on thursday, went to the doctor on friday and she gave me some Erythromycin which is an antibiotic but bewarned.. Massive side effects well at the dose she gave me to get rid of a cyst. 4 x 500mg daily. Anyway Today so about 48 hours after it arrived I caught it while washing my face and took the head off. Needless to say the biggest ammount og gunk I have ever seen started dribbling out
  8. Yea touchin them definatly does aggrevate.. well if your not happy with your skin see a doctor, perhaps a course of antibiotics would calm your skin down enough to prevent you getting cysts and instead normal pimples. My skin only has one spot and that is the cyst at the moment... But when I saw the doctor she put me on a week's worth of Erythromycin to bring down the sweeling for the cyst. But she didnt think that my skin was bad enough to put me on a a repeat perscription. She asked me "do
  9. Those arn't cysts... seriously, This is a cyst, i think.. [attachmentid=4118] and the redness isnt the end of the swelling, there is about another cm in diameter of swelling I basically can't move my bottom lip...
  10. Ok well I know probably stupid question, but I have a huge cyst on my chin rite now and i said to my mum look I need to get this injected, she rang up the doctors, and made an appointment with them. But I said to her you should of asked for a Derm's number I was in desperation so I was like I dont care I'll pay for private.. But I know doctors can perscribe anti biotics and topical creams rite? But they cant do like injections? So bit annoying that I have to go face loads of people and probably
  11. yea cleo I know what you mean there with them refusing to believe we have a problem... I gave up talking to my mum about my skin just get on with it myself ocassionally I will ask for some money for supplies.. I dont even think she can tell I'm upset, shes not very observent at the best of times "Oh I didnt realise you had your hair cut" etc etc my sister said that I didnt seem very happy today but I didnt feel like talking about it so just made my excuses and left the room heh. Yea I'm 19 an
  12. I just woke up with a huge cyst on my chin that hurts like hell I mean probably the worst one I have ever got so naturally I am feeling a little low today and In the lock yourself away mood... My Mum has chosen this day for us to do all the house work which I can deal with as my family aren’t going to judge me on my skin but to take away the edge I left a nice dollop of BP cream on there to hide the redness. I would rather there be a blob of cream than a huge cyst... Anyway she starts
  13. First off I know everybodys acne is different but Im just trying to find some sort of pattern out there. So basically can everyone right a little bit about how long they have been with acne and how it has changed from different severities and also if it cleared up at any point. Anyway heres mine; Ok so like all of us who reads these boards I have had acne for a long time now, when I was young about 13 I suppose it started with the small sandpaper style pimples on my forehead, that cleared up af
  14. I dont get why they dont understand! My dad had it as a child and still has the odd few now, which probably means I will never grow out of it... It was pretty horrible when my dad got annoyed at me and said if I looked after myself maybe my skin wouldnt look so shit
  15. Yea I think your right as long as you just eat healthily and everything in moderation I think you will be ok