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  1. Nice stories, Lee and Siava! I read all of the posts.... very interesting. Nice thread! I've been to: Canada (As an American, hardly worth a mention if you ask me... no offense to Canadians! It works both ways, I guess.) Macedonia (North of Greece) Kosovo (Further North from Greece) Zurich for a couple of days... layover haha Antalya, Turkey Beijing and Shangai, China - Also stopped in a few of the smaller cities between the two. I'll start with the exotic food. China of course was the
  2. Youtube videos embed when you post the URL :o Took me a while of posting ugly code looking stuff to figure out that it was something that seemed too simple to be right!

  3. Shawdy can I get yo Facebook hookup?

    1. NessaVenasaur


      hey hey, how's it going? I deactivate it a lot, saw your invite, I'll accept when I'm on again! Just wanted to let you know. Hope all is well :)

    2. Sima


      Hey girl, everything is good :) yeah! You better! >:( haha. Thanks for the update. Hope things are good with you too :) <3

  4. Hey derp! you're on the org! I was watching a lot of Spongebob while visiting family, the new episodes are still pretty funny!

    1. NessaVenasaur


      hey hey, ch'yeah I am! For now :) I'll try to stick around but it's hard when I have memories of it being really active and now it's a whole lot slower! Oh well, life happens! I have been slacking on my Spongebob viewing but maybe I will stop slacking. Some people say the new ones aren't so good, but I dig them *shrug*. How's life treating ya?

    2. User142279


      Yeah, it is a lot different from days of old :c It's still nice to pop in every now and then seeing how people are doing, sending messages here and there and whatnot. The rest of the org seems to be lively, just not the lounge :/

      Life's been good! Just sort of adjusting to the adult lifestyle lol. Finally stopped putting off driving, specifically improving my driving skills, and that's been helping the whole transition to adulthood. I find it overwhelming though - t...

  5. <3 <3

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    2. Sima


      Always and forever.

    3. NessaVenasaur


      :D hope all is well
    4. Sima


      It is, thank you ^.^ doing the same thing erryday! Class then home then sleep and repeat it all over again. Can't complain though ;) how are you?!

  6. Did you ever find out what song that was? I am genuinely curious as to what it was.

    1. NessaVenasaur


      Yeah, it's called Taking You With Me by Daniel Tashian and Mindy Smith. It's on the Our Idiot Brother soundtrack I think

  7. turkey and other med countries will be humid only for 3 months during the summer, and that is only if the location is within x-amount of miles by the sea. so i imagine your experience was being on vacation in turkey, hence being by the sea, and being there in the summer. right now the country is under snow.. not so humid. its dry at all other times of the year and always dry in locations not near the sea (desert and mountainous areas, for example). so you agree then, that your acne is less in t
  8. Not all Mediterranean countries are dry and hot. Turkey is dreadfully humid, at least when I was there. I'm European Mediterranean ethnically, and have acne and know plenty of others with it. It's genetic and lifestyle/diet IMO Oh and when I and others have gone back to the old country, our skin tends to clear up. It's when we are in America that we, those who are prone to acne inn the first place, tend to break out. This leads me to believe it's diet. Not necessarily what is eaten, but what'
  9. I used semi-permanent frequently and it never fully came out after 4+ months. My hair dresser was pretty upset with me about it, for some reason. It'll wash out significantly but not completely. In my experience anyway. So, with really fair hair, it would probably be noticeable. With warm, dark or strawberry blonde hair, it probably wouldn't be
  10. It depends on the oils, I'm guessing. Not all oils are bad for our skin. In fact, a few of them are quite beneficial. However, most of the ones in makeup are probably not that great? Not to mention, leaving makeup on your skin for 25 hours is a very bad idea lol. I can't imagine why a company or person would want or need makeup to last that long... The good news is that there are so many foundations that are oil-free so finding a replacement shouldn't be too hard. Better to err on the side of
  11. hair dye doesn't come out, ever. You either have to grow it out, cut it off or cover it with a darker color or bleach the color out and put more color in. Best thing to do at this point is to go to a salon and save your hair from any more damage. Red is one of the faster colors in terms of fading but it'll still be seen. If you want your natural hair color back, it's definitely best to just wait to cut it, or cut it now.
  12. hi <3 how are you? gotta catch you on msn one of these days :)

    1. WalkTheWire


      HEY HON! OMG, yes! So much to catch up on! How are you? =)

  13. I have the same thought..... haha My makeup keeps my face oil-free for longer. I believe since I use Revlon Colorstay which helps to control oil that it gets absorbed. And, like artisdead said (rhyme.), I don't touch my face when I have it on. Now that I'm not in school and lounging at home way more, makeup-free, I keep touching my skin! I do get tiny clogged pores with makeup but I get full-out breakouts when I'm without it.... I need to find solutions to reducing oil when I do not hav
    1. NessaVenasaur


      lol! That was entertaining.... I know there are some really weird Japanese shows, but Korea too?! Good find, good find.