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  1. You are right. I was triggered by reading posts from people with very mild scars.
  2. Your scars are still very red. It's now important to keep your skin moist. Buy for example Roche-Posay Baume Cicaplast. I also have good experiences with silicone gel for example Kelo-cote. It's for scars.
  3. My problem is that people post pictures of themselves and I think okay this is not a big deal. Use moisturizer, eat healthy and this would be a good plan. But then I read the comments and it's like 'do this treatment' 'then this treatment' 'after that this treatment''. You guys are probably no doctors. So please be careful with your advice. You made a good point. I have made great progress. Plaster that support the healing of the skin are great.
  4. This is barely noticable. I recommend to leave it like that. Best wishes.
  5. Hey, I cannot explain as I'm no doctor. P.s. I think it's a very good aftercare when you have got a treatment like described above. You have to experiment a little bit. Please read the thread of PivotalAnime.
  6. Hey, I had minimal results after a lot of treatments until I read a thread from the user "PivotalAnime". Now I use hydrocolloid dressings every night and it made a big difference. I advised the user "MarialS" to use them too and she wrote that it worked somehow. The ones I buy cost 2,95€/package. I think it's worth a try.
  7. Hey, but please start slow. If you follow the advice of the users and try TCA Cross; then start with a low percentage of TCA Cross. TCA Cross can also damage your skin and I think your skin looks good. So please be careful. I wouldnt do anything about the scarring because it's so mild.
  8. Hey I tried a lot and I had great results by using hydrocolloid dressings. I recommend the thread of an user called "PivotalAnime". I can only speak for me and it had a great impact on my atrophic scars. You wrote that you have fresh scars/wounds. Try to react as soon as possible. Maybe microneedling. Maybe hydrocolloid dressings. You will thank yourself in the long run. Moisturize your skin is a must. I would avoid the sun but thats worth discussing. !!! The first step should alw
  9. I did TCA Cross a month ago. I wouldnt recommend hydrocolloid dressings afterwards. Two weeks after that treatment I'm using hydrocolloid dressings again.
  10. Hey, I basically read the thread of PivotalAnime and copied the ideas. Maybe you also ask PivotalAnime. After reading the thread I looked for hydrocolloid dressings and the Mivolis plasters were the ones I found. But it's not about the product. What is important is the term: "hydrocolloid". I use these plasters every night when I go to sleep. Another product I bought cause of her thread were collagen dressings. But they are more complicated to use because they are like pads. I don't us
  11. Yes I did needling. I also used hydrocolloid dressings, collagen dressings and coloplast comfeel barrier cream. Especially the hydrocolloid dressings worked very well
  12. https://www.dm.de/mivolis-schuerfwundenpflaster-p4058172662768.html?wt_mc=pla.google.Gesundheit.HausapothekeWundversorgung.Wundpflaster.Mivolis.4058172662768&hc_tid=10218852C4751PPC&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn4qr3q7M8gIVw-vtCh2VhAFuEAQYASABEgJ0c_D_BwE
  13. Unfortunately not. But using hydrocolloid dressing is not a big thing. Here you can buy them for 2,95€. So you dont have much to lose if you give it a try.
  14. Hey I also had minimal improvements with my treatments (subcision with or without filler, laser etc. etc.), but the thread of a user called PivotalAnime changed it. She recommended hydrocolloid dressing. I tried it and Im so surprised because my skin made a dramatic change in the last months. The aftercare is very, very important. Avoid the sun after treatments at all costs. Its no joke. Drink a lot of water. Eat food which stimulates collagen. Take no drugs. Use hydrocolloid dressing (mayb
  15. I dont know. There is a user called PivotalAnime and I copied some things that the user posted. Hydrocolloid dressing is maybe the right term. I tried many things. Laser, subcision (with or without filler) etc. and the improvements were minimal. It was really a big change when I used hydrocolloid dressing afterwards. I can recommend everybody to try it. Its such a cheap product that you should give it a try.
  16. I would also say that it's mild scarring. It's hard to tell on these pictures as they are very close but if you are a woman it would be an option to go to somebody who could teach you to use makeup (for men it could be an option too). Nobody is perfect
  17. Very important to avoid the sun. Use a lot of moisturizer. Try a cream with fatty acids which are needed for the barrier function of the skin. I'm no doctor. Try to go to another doctor for an independent perspective as fast as you can. all the best