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  1. Hey, I cannot explain as I'm no doctor. P.s. I think it's a very good aftercare when you have got a treatment like described above. You have to experiment a little bit. Please read the thread of PivotalAnime.
  2. Hey, I had minimal results after a lot of treatments until I read a thread from the user "PivotalAnime". Now I use hydrocolloid dressings every night and it made a big difference. I advised the user "MarialS" to use them too and she wrote that it worked somehow. The ones I buy cost 2,95€/package. I think it's worth a try.
  3. Hey, but please start slow. If you follow the advice of the users and try TCA Cross; then start with a low percentage of TCA Cross. TCA Cross can also damage your skin and I think your skin looks good. So please be careful. I wouldnt do anything about the scarring because it's so mild.
  4. Hey I tried a lot and I had great results by using hydrocolloid dressings. I recommend the thread of an user called "PivotalAnime". I can only speak for me and it had a great impact on my atrophic scars. You wrote that you have fresh scars/wounds. Try to react as soon as possible. Maybe microneedling. Maybe hydrocolloid dressings. You will thank yourself in the long run. Moisturize your skin is a must. I would avoid the sun but thats worth discussing. !!! The first step should alw
  5. I did TCA Cross a month ago. I wouldnt recommend hydrocolloid dressings afterwards. Two weeks after that treatment I'm using hydrocolloid dressings again.
  6. Hey, I basically read the thread of PivotalAnime and copied the ideas. Maybe you also ask PivotalAnime. After reading the thread I looked for hydrocolloid dressings and the Mivolis plasters were the ones I found. But it's not about the product. What is important is the term: "hydrocolloid". I use these plasters every night when I go to sleep. Another product I bought cause of her thread were collagen dressings. But they are more complicated to use because they are like pads. I don't us
  7. Yes I did needling. I also used hydrocolloid dressings, collagen dressings and coloplast comfeel barrier cream. Especially the hydrocolloid dressings worked very well
  8. https://www.dm.de/mivolis-schuerfwundenpflaster-p4058172662768.html?wt_mc=pla.google.Gesundheit.HausapothekeWundversorgung.Wundpflaster.Mivolis.4058172662768&hc_tid=10218852C4751PPC&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn4qr3q7M8gIVw-vtCh2VhAFuEAQYASABEgJ0c_D_BwE
  9. Unfortunately not. But using hydrocolloid dressing is not a big thing. Here you can buy them for 2,95€. So you dont have much to lose if you give it a try.
  10. Hey I also had minimal improvements with my treatments (subcision with or without filler, laser etc. etc.), but the thread of a user called PivotalAnime changed it. She recommended hydrocolloid dressing. I tried it and Im so surprised because my skin made a dramatic change in the last months. The aftercare is very, very important. Avoid the sun after treatments at all costs. Its no joke. Drink a lot of water. Eat food which stimulates collagen. Take no drugs. Use hydrocolloid dressing (mayb
  11. I dont know. There is a user called PivotalAnime and I copied some things that the user posted. Hydrocolloid dressing is maybe the right term. I tried many things. Laser, subcision (with or without filler) etc. and the improvements were minimal. It was really a big change when I used hydrocolloid dressing afterwards. I can recommend everybody to try it. Its such a cheap product that you should give it a try.