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  1. If it`s only a volume issue. Can you also use botox instead of voluma filler? What are the advantages/disadvanteges?
  2. Hey, I have a subcision in a few days. Should I stop using differin? If yes, please tell me also why. Thanks for spreading your knowledge.
  3. Alright. The thing I don`t understand is that accutane (or similar products) contains tretinoin. ...and the topical products like differin contains adapalen (lighter form of tretinoin). Other creams with tretinoin are also available. So...can`t accutane support the topical form. Isn`t the ingredients lighter but works still the way (aside from side effects)?
  4. Maybe use accutane to help produce collagen after subcision? Do you think that`s interesting? Even though it slows down the healing process. Of course any forum members can answer. Thanks
  5. It`s okay to get subcison while on accutane (pills) or differin cream. Is this right?
  6. Hey, do you think Isotretinoin can help to produce collagen etc? Thanks
  7. thank you. Do you think 9 days after a subcision it is still a good idea to get filler?
  8. When do you know if it`s retethered after subcision?
  9. I had a subcision on 11th of april. Do you think it`s still ok to get filler on the 20th?
  10. How many days after a subcision should you wait on average before getting Filler?
  11. Hey, is it okay to ice after the filler is injected?
  12. No. Subcision is only on thursday. Monday is an appointment only for RF microneedling.
  13. Hi, I have an appointment cause of Subcision and Filler on thursday. And after that an appointment cause of RF Microneedling on Monday. Should be no problem or is it?
  14. Aside from kind of scarring. How would you start? With a subcision with filler? Or with RF microneedling?
  15. OMG I have tomorrow an appointment cause of RF Microneedling. Now I don`t know if I go...