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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/BACK-2-BASICS-4-PACK-L...4QQcmdZViewItem I picked this stuff up at walmart and I love it. I use Aquaphor at night.
  2. Yes, My derm has perscribed that to me on several occasions. It is perfectly save, and my miracle quick fix. Within 24 hours of taking the first pill of prednisone, all my redness was gone completely, and it seems like it just made everything heal really fast. I've even called my derm a requested a script. if I had some thing to do on the weekend, and didn't want to worry about my skin too much. But I've only taken it for like 2 or 3 days at a time maybe once a month or so. Also everytime
  3. moon face?? haven't heard that one. I was always pepperoni face, ahaha
  4. I just started Acuutane 2 days ago, I weigh 140 and my derm started me on 20 mg, and also 10 mg of a cortizone to help with an IB, just incase I get one, but he said he dosen't think I will get one. Of course haven't noticed anything yet.
  5. Zoie

    Need Advise

    OK I lied, after some heavy duty thinking and processing, I am starting Accutane on Dec 13, for a 6 month treatment.
  6. Zoie

    Need Advise

    Well, thanks for everyone's advise, I have made a decision to have a baby first, and hope that I am one of the lucky ones that pregnancy will clear up ance, and it will stay clear. I definitely have no intentions on nursing. so if my acne doesn't go away, I will start accutane as soon as I can after I have the baby. Thanks again for your opinions.
  7. Zoie


    Well, my cycle can not get anymore irregular than it is already is, It is rediculous. And I have tried everything except Spiro and Accutane, so I am gonna do some more research on Spiro before my next appt on Nov 7 and I will definitely ask him about it. Thanks for your input.
  8. Zoie


    3 years ago, my derm suggested I switch birth control to Yasmin, which I did, and for the last 3 years it kept my acne "under control", but After coming of birth control 10 months ago ( you would think my body would calm down by now). Does this mean that my acne is hormonal? If so will Spiro work? My derms knows that I have come off birth control and that is the reason I am breaking out soo bad, but he wants me on accutane, but if I do accutane then I will have to get back on birth control
  9. Thanks all of you for the replies, but I broke down and went back to the derm today, please read THIS to see what he told me.
  10. Zoie

    Need Advise

    Well, I broke down and went see the derm again today since March of 2006, Have been on Yazmin, which kept the acne "under control" but since I quit all hell broke loose. Well right before the Yazmin, my derm was talking about Accutane again. Honestly, It was so many years ago that I took it, I can't remember if it worked or not, I just remember the headaches and multiple nose bleeds per day. TOday he gave a cortizone/steroid for 7 days for the inflamation and redness, Solodyn anitbiotic 9
  11. 24th day Well, the reason I haven't posted lately is because my face is the worst now than it ever has been. I have no idea what to do, my dermatologists and my aestitician doesn't know what to tell me. I feel so stranded. There honestly is nothing left for me to try. I have tried everything TWICE. Everytime I look into a mirror I start crying. Everynight when I go take a bath and every morning when I go take a shower, I cry the entire time. I can barely put make up on cuz all I do is c
  12. I'm gonna pick up some broccomax tomorrow to add to my regimen. Wish me luck!!!!
  13. 18th day Ok what turned out to be a small under the skin pimple has turned out to be a marble under my skin. The thing is huge, I am praying it isn't a cyst, It has been months that I haven't gotten a cyst. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have been thinking of going back to my derm and trying Accutane again. Althought it didn't work the first time ( I quit at about 4 months, was getting to many side effects and got scared). HELP!!!!!! Do you think it is the complex 15 lotion that