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  1. progress (or non-progress) pics
  2. Dear Friends in Acne, I suffered from acne for 16 years - as a teen, cysts, papules, pustules and whiteheads and as an adult, I was covered in whiteheads. Nothing helped. You know the story - prescriptions, boutique products, mail order products, high end, low end ... yada yada yada, thousands of dollars wasted. Last winter, I came to this board and, inspired by the health forum, decided to try a non gluten/non dairy diet. That didn't help, either, but through my diet experiments, I did discov
  3. Thanks, Rian! Is it really as simple (in theory) as dabbing a toothpick in TCA solution and into the scar? I've read about TCA kits that involve all sorts of extras ...
  4. Wow!!! I posted this topic a few months ago and after getting maybe 2 responses gave up on getting any more ... I logged into this site for the first time in months and what a surprise! I had come back to see if I could get any more info about what to do with my ice picks - I think I've gotten my acne to the manageable point where it would make sense to have a go at fixing the scarring - and I see that my post has a bunch of new replies! Thanks, guys! Rian, I actually was hoping to get some mo
  5. Your skin reminds me very much of my own! I added you as a friend...I hope you don't mind =)

  6. i have scarring very similar to yours. what else have you tried that sort of worked at least?

  7. I have about 20 or so ice pick scars and my boyfriend couldn't care less. He would care, though, if I let those scars allow me to withdraw into myself and avoid him. Our scars are horrible, yes, and it feels horrible to wake up in the morning and know we are disfigured. But it's like anything else - we can choose how they affect our lives. Let's put the energy into finding solutions, not avoiding people we love. Because, honestly ... do you really care if other people have acne or scars on the
  8. My mother's from Italy so in our house it was olive oil all day long - when I went to college and moved in with 3 Asian girls I was really surprised that they'd never used it before. I use it for everything!! I sautee meats and vegetables in it and use it in my salad dressings and pasta sauces. There is nothing it can't do!!! Potato, broccoli and tomato salad: cook potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes (microwave will do). Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. amazing! Pasta sauce: microwave
  9. Today, after I got back to Japan from New York, I decided to boil up some buckwheat noodles - the ingredients of which I'd never checked because they're freaking BUCKWHEAT and naturally gluten free. On a whim, as I boiled the noodles, I glanced at the ingredient. FLOUR. WHEAT FLOUR is in my BUCKWHEAT NOODLES. What ... the ... fuck?!!? I've been eating these at least 5 times a week since I've been on this diet - freaking out because there was no change. NO WONDER!!! I've been eating flou
  10. In japan, i can get apples, oranges, avocados, and bananas for 99 yen (about a dollar) but the rest come in at more like 3 to 10 bucks. From what I understand, bananas are great but oranges can cause cystic acne and apple juice is an issue. I try the psyllium husks before or after meals, like it says on the package. I also tried a 24-hour colon/liver cleanse (pill form, from GNC) but nothing really happened to my skin or to my overall sense of well-being. I was kind of hoping to feel "clean" o
  11. It sounds like you're really doing well on the b5!! I'm considering trying it myself ... I've been on the anti-acne diet for 7 weeks and it's done nothing for me, nor have my 2 colon cleanses. Do you still feel good about the B5?
  12. Hi, AcneBeGoneFairy ... thank you again for giving such detailed and supportive advice. It's been about 2 months for me and things are just not going well. I've done two colon cleanses this week, been taking dietary fiber and psyllium husks as well as zinc and nothing has changed. In fact, I get more pustules now than I did before. Yes, I'm still eating meat - I eat a lot of fish and every once in a while some chicken. I gave up legumes because I read that they can cause digestion issues. I gave
  13. Hi, Cidiv. It's been almost 7 weeks for me and I've seen no positive changes from diet. I cut out gluten, dairy, junk food, processed food and eggs. I've been eating vegetables until they come out of my ears. I even did a colonic cleanse the other day. Nothing. I know I wasn't always successful in avoiding gluten but if I ever did get it it was in the form of sauce as opposed to a big slab of white bread. And I'm talking like 4 times throughout the 7 weeks. The only things that seem to have help
  14. i've been taking zinc (maybe 20-40 mg a day), a b complex (low dose, just to ease into it) as well as dietary fiber (when I don't take psyllium husks). I notice that my skin looks better after I take some zinc. I think zinc might be helping me more than avoiding gluten. Maybe. acnebegonefairy, i am gonna get me a blender when i get back to japan. in the meantime, i found some Naked Juice here in NYC - their "green machine," which is only gently pasteurized and has 1 pound of green fruit and ve