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  1. Are the two products essential the same - emu oil vs jojoda. Has anyone experimentment with both products and can explain the differences both the pros and the cons?
  2. I am extremely fair skin. Although I put on 70 spf twice a day, I still burn.
  3. Does Diluted Apple Cidar Vinegar increase sensitivty to the sun? Does exfolating in general highten sentsetivity each sensetivity even doing manual exfolations such as baby brush method?
  4. Does apple cidar Vinegar increse your senstivity to the sun?
  5. I cannot control the sunburns with the Ance Regimen. I am fair skinned and even after applying 70 spf sunblock I still get burned. I apply in the morning then reapply in the afternoon. I am putting on one fingers worth of Sun Screen. Does exfoliating cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun?
  6. I am trying find a product that will remove some brown and red scarring. Recently, I had used a product by Ance Free called "Scar Fader" that contained Copper Peptids and Hydroquinoa. I was wondering if someone could recommend a product containting hydroquinoa? ~:ove
  7. Can someone recommend a good Hydroquinone that I can purchase over the counter? I have some red and brown marks
  8. When I got the HaloDrol LiquidGels, I went on the advice of a guy at the gym. however, I been on them for about five days and I don't see them as being very effective, but the box says it can take up to 7 days to notice full results. I don't have any extra ance from it but I think I got some bad advice; Next time, I am going to use this reviewing system to make ssure I don't waste money any more crappy products.
  9. I am 21 years old. The product I am currently using is Haldrol Liquigels. If you go to the website bodybuilding.com and search them you can check out the product. I would provide a link but I know the monitors will zap it. Here is what the product Contains Arachidonic ACid (40% in proprietary fatty coid,oil blend 6-OXO (5-etioallocholen-3,6,17-trione, DHEA) 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone, 3,-4 divanilytetrahyofuran 480 miligrams. Do you guys think that creatine monohydrate causes breakouts?
  10. Ok, so I have been trying to bulk up and I have began to take these testosterone Amplifiers. I have started today so My skin looks pretty good, but they are suppose to boast my testosterone levels up 400%? Has anyone heard if they cause break outs?
  11. I know I have read that one should not use the babybrush technique and 10 AHA to exfoliate, but what If I use the baby brush in the morning and then the 10% AHA at night? Would be a good idea or still to irritating?
  12. Morning Exfoliate with Baby Brush Clense with Dan's Cleaner in Shower, while shaving. (Wait 15 minutes) Apply 2.5% BP for 4 minutes (Wait 7 minutes) Apply hydroquinoe for Scars (Wait 7 minutes) Apply Moisturizer (Wait 7 Minutes) Apply 1 finger full of 70 heloplex sunsreen Evening Cleanse with Dan Cleaner in the Shower (Wait 15 minutes) Apply 10% AHA (Wait 7 Minutes) Apply 2.5% B.P for 4 minutes (Wait 7 minutes) Apply hydroquinoa for Scars (Wait 7 minutes) Apply Moisturizer Supplements 3 Dose
  13. How much sunscreen do you put on your face? Half a finger lenghts, full or less? I feel like I am rubbing my face so hard to get the suncreen to blend it and, I fear about irriation.
  14. High school sucks man and I know what it like to have no friends and be picked up. When I was in high school, I was teased for being eccentric; Eventually, I turned to drugs for an escape which resulted in three overdoses, two arrest and numerous violent episodes – blood still stains my carpet. I saw a shrink for 8 years and she medicated me with every kind of drug possible in hopes to mitigate my psychological illness. I commend you for facing reality sober, but I fear for your safety. Do not