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  1. my acne always seems to be better in the winter too
  2. i steam my face and putt on my cleanser right after to get DEEP in pores than i wash my face with cold water and it seems to work well also what would set the kill to the blackheads is steam ur face pat it dry super quick than put a blackhead tape strip on them oh god that will get everything actually im gonna do that
  3. your asking what to eat from a fast food place on a acne forum thats interesting btw id get quiznos or subway
  4. yep that stuff can help im no expert but pills circulate your blood in your face better or sumthing like that
  5. I started getting acne at 15 i used proactive for about a year...WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, BATHROOM CABINET SPACE. Now I'm 16 and I'm about to start using this stuff http://www.cleanandclear.com/productDetail...mp;productpos=0 clean and clear makes it and it has 10% BP a lot different than proactives 2%or whatever BP ..... i hope my face can take that much BP but i have pretty oily its only gotten dried out once I'm also gonna use http://www.cleanandclear.com/productDetail...mp;productpos=0 thi
  6. accutane takes about a month to work so remember that
  7. weed is not a drug. Drugs are something you cook or add things too to make how many people die from weed now how many people die from hippos i win smoke weed
  8. MARIJUANA Is not bad at all its just a plant ....Drugs are something you cook or add other things to Legalize