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  1. I never had a breakout while taking tetracycline.
  2. I'm on Tetracycline right now. I'm fairly pleased with the results. My acne overall has become less active. The only thing that sucks about it is that you have to wait two hours after a meal to take it and one hour before. Sucks if you like to snack a lot.
  3. what was you dosage of tetracycline?
  4. How many milligrams (MG) of tetracycline were in each capsule? For example, each capsule I take contains 250 mg of tetracycline.
  5. Here's some pictures: http://acne.org/gallery/
  6. 3 days of pills will not clear up your acne
  7. j3, what was your dosage of tetracycline per capsule?
  8. How long it take before you guys saw positive results from it?
  9. beentheredonethat, have you been on Tetracycline and if so what side effects did you experience?
  10. Adam, did you become sensitive to the sun?
  11. Did anyone here ever become sensitve to the sun while on tetracycline?
  12. I am also going on Tetracycline. Has anyone here had any bad side effects from it?
  13. Any specific info for getting a derm appointment in Canada would be appriciated.