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  1. @CelestialElf Thank you for your reply. You're right, I'd much rather have clear skin/healthy diet than a small moment of pleasure eating cake etc. I guess I'm just desperate to find an "answer" as to why my body reacts this way to certain foods, that's if there is one! At the very least, it's reassuring to know they're many other people who are in the same shoes. Thank you again.
  2. I wanted to share my story and struggle with acne in the hope other people can relate and share their advice, including any information they may have found that could help. Long story short, I began to suddenly suffer with severe acne two years ago - unsure and frustrated with why this suddenly occurred I was put on a 4 month prescription of Accutane or Roaccutane depending where you're from. The accutane helped, it cleared my skin significantly and didn't damage my liver etc. 1 year later