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  1. Dan, It's really nice that you're even considering this. In my opinion, it is a little uncomfortable to buy products that say Acne, or Acne-prone skin. It's only out of vanity, but honestly I think it's a little embarrassing. Most people with acne know that BP and Sal. Acid are designed to help acne therefore do not need to see it on the label. Now I don't think that every product in the drugstore should take "acne" off their label because some people just need it to be spelled out. In the case of your products, it goes without saying, your customers and website patrons are here to find a solution to acne. So labeling the products "acne wash" probably isn't necessary. All I'm saying is it would be nice to buy some products that are designed for this skin condition that millions of us have without being reminded of it everytime we wash our face. After all, I would LOVE to be able to buy some 'cleanser for normal skin' or something like that...but I don't want to zits so I buy the cleanser that is marketed for "ACNE". Anyway Dan, whatever you decide to do with the packaging, your products will still be amazing. It's really nice to see a business owner that cares so much about his customers' opinions. Ciao!!
  2. XEC, you are a very smart 17 year old! Most guys your age have no idea how processed foods affect their health. I want to do the thing as you but I might try to keep a few grains like brown rice, barley, and quinoa. I really think too much wheat is bad for our health... How did you begin the change? Was it gradual or all at once?
  3. Thanks for the post, Timmy! I have been wondering about this for a while and I just started a low dose treatment for blackheads and oiliness with my derm's approval. Everyone thinks Accutane is just for severe acne so I'm glad you posted this. -Reema
  4. Your skin is so dewy and glow-y lookingl!! What foundation do you have on in your pics (if any)? I'm not sure if my skin could ever be as pretty as yours but I'll try anything!

  5. Hi Everyone! I've tried several Rx and non-Rx treatments over the years and nothing seems to help my oily/blackhead prone/mildly acne prone skin so I've decided to try accutane. My skin condition is not severe, but bad enough for me to seek more powerful treatment--- so here is my question. Will I see results by taking 10 mg of the drug for just 40 days? Or will I need to take at least 3 month's worth? Thanks, Reema