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    i wish i had a coloring book and some crayons right now, i love crayola crayons alot. what i want for christmas isnt my two front teeth, since i already have them, i just want a damn coloring book with a big box of crayons. i dont want the cheap 10 pack box, i want the real deal ones, you know? well, i guess im gonna go to crayola.com and see what the biggest box is that i can get. <br /><br /> Peace :)<br /> Basel
  1. geez, wtf is your problem lately

  2. heyyyy! i havnt had a chance to talk to you in soo so long, strep throat! talk to you soon hun.

  3. being nude makes ppl not look at my face:) lol

  4. not too bad, pretty bored. what's with all the nudies? haha

  5. hey im good. u?

  6. no, im not fucking doing alright and how are you supposed to catch me when you only wait 3 seconds for me to come online

  7. can't seem to catch u, hope u doing alright

  8. happy late birthday! =)