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  1. Try Skintactix at skintactix.com they are good for oilier skin and work, at least for me. It takes like 3 days to see the oiliness reduced and about 3-4 weeks to see good imrovements. give it a try
  2. hi, i am using skintactix right now. it works really well. especially if you have oilier skin. I am using the kit with for moderate to sever acne. it helps a lot and when you get a new zit, it goes away pretty quickly. give it a try. make sure you try it for at least a month and then decide whether you like it or not. there might be a flare up but not for all people. check the website for more info. but give it a try and it doesnt dry your skin at all. it makes it feel smooth and not oily. it ma
  3. hi, has somebody used baby powder for acne or redness or anything with acne?
  4. which do you think is better for preventing whiteheads. SA or BP? which is faster working for an excisting whitehead, applying SA or BP on it? thank you
  5. what is the difference between lemon juice and vinegar when used as facial toners? do then have similar effects. If you do lemon juice as a toner do you have to leave it on. I am using vinegar now, but when i go back to college i would probably stop using it b/c i dont want to stink the whole dorm. I am thinking of switching to lemon juice since it doesnt smell, but i am not sure if it has similar effects as vinegar. Please give any advice
  6. i have never used vinegar on my face. does it smell after you apply it. i dont want to smell all day. also, can i use a cotton ball to apply it or should i just use my hands. and what is the best kind of vinegar to use?
  7. hi, i dont understand what vinegar does for acne and red marks. please somebody explain
  8. hi, i dont know if you guys know about it, but i am using a 10%BP soap bar for my body which works really good when you shower twice a day. it is called PanOxyl Bar. I have only seen it at stores such as Dominicks, Walgreens and Jewel. It is kind of expensive. $6.79 and one bar lasts approximately 2 weeks. but it works for me. people with body acne should try it.
  9. hi, i am new to the regime. i came to the word boltcha. i understood that it is some kind of regime but what do you use and is it better than dans