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  1. IMO, active acne looks worse than scarring. (On me at least) Active acne portrays a lot of negative things about a person. (To the ignorant people) As a man, i'm more attracted to the way a woman takes care of herself. If she is attempting to be the best she can be, that's so incredibly attractive.
  2. Why can't severe acne be the only reason why someone wants to kill themself? Severe acne can ruin every single aspect of your life. If a 1,000 pound man wanted to kill himself, I certainly wouldn't automatically assume it was because of something other than his weight. Severe acne is THAT difficult to deal with for certain people. Maybe some of you haven't truly experienced severe acne.
  3. Acne is a "real major problem." Don't listen to the haters, original poster.
  4. no...don't act SUICIDAL if you want accutane. emotional is okay as it helps the case, just say that you're crying out of frustration.
  5. You only have to wait 8 weeks after your first course of accutane to take it again. (From a dermatologist) Although, I plan on taking accutane in very small dosages twice a week for the rest of my life to keep it in my system. I can get accutane without seeing a dermatologist.
  6. Suicide may be the answer for certain people. I can't tell you, seeing as how i've never killed myself.
  7. You can get acne medications online without seeing a dermatologist. Do some searching on google.
  8. I almost cried a few times but held back. Actually, I almost cried when I was so happy that accutane had cleared my skin completely. I thanked the dermatologist and she was delighted to hear my appreciation.
  9. Any logical person who has severe acne goes on accutane. That's why they don't have severe acne.
  10. He nor myself were judging anyone else for their beliefs. Sorry you guys feel the need to do so towards us. God bless.
  11. Accutane is as close to a guarantee as there is. Yes, acne can and often does comeback after treatment. However, all you have to do is get back on the accutane. 99% rate, IMO, that it will completely clear your skin during the duration of treatment. Eventually, you may not ever need a treatment again.