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  1. Hey yola! I had a very similar experience to yours (same symptoms) except I'm now 4 months post damage and luckily I've seen some improvement. I think the trick is to bring down the inflammation so that your skin can start healing properly.

    All I've put on my face for 2 months is emu oil, the ordinary's niacinamide and psoria gold sensitive and its looking a lot better. I don't have any dents, the shiny "scaliness" that comes with an orange peel texture is receding and my skin feels very smooth and supple. I'm still dealing with some shininess and some open pores but it's improving. I've given myself a year to heal before I make any judgements. I have no idea whether these things will work for your skin or not but I wanted to reach out with the hope that that maybe you'll find something helpful. I really recommend joining the IPL Laser Damage and Support site (you have to send an email to the administrator to get membership). Reading the recovery stories of electricboom and chase315 got me through my lowest lows. All they did to recover was use emu oil and take supplements so the trick is less is more!

    It goes without saying no exfoliation for the foreseeable future, eat healthy (dairy and gluten free - I see you already do that), take supplements (collagen, tumeric for inflammation, etc) and try to take things month by month.