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  1. Feels like satin! Works like magic

    I swapped out emu oil for hemp seed oil in my OCM routine and I think it is milessss better. It feels like satin on your skin, making it seem so balanced, moisturised and yet not oily. It also is non-clogging and anti-inflammatory and does a lot to reduce pimples. It seems like some people might be allergic to it so be aware - if you aren't allergic, then it is definitely THE BEST oil out there for skin issues. Just make sure you get a high quality brand and keep it refrigerated!
  2. Hey yola! I had a very similar experience to yours (same symptoms) except I'm now 4 months post damage and luckily I've seen some improvement. I think the trick is to bring down the inflammation so that your skin can start healing properly. All I've put on my face for 2 months is emu oil, the ordinary's niacinamide and psoria gold sensitive and its looking a lot better. I don't have any dents, the shiny "scaliness" that comes with an orange peel texture is receding and my skin feels very smoot