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  1. No offence, but this really isn’t helpful. I’m looking for tips as to what I can do to fade them. But thank you anyway
  2. Hey all, its been months since I last posted by my skin is wayy better!! I finish Roaccutane in a matter of days, and I am left with lots of hyperpigmentation. I won’t see my dermatologist again as I have been signed off. So do any of you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of these marks they are really putting a downer on my confidence! * disclaimer they look quite good in the picture, but when I go out they look a lot worse, and I know I even blurred out my nose, but I literally
  3. Hey guys, I just finished my second month on Roaccutane, I live in the Uk and have my treatment free on the NHS, but the downside of this is I don’t see the same derm each time. My skin has been absolutely terrible and worse than most other people who have taken Roaccutane. The derm I had this appointment was useless she didn’t even realise I had already started the drug! Once I had explained to her I was two months in and shown her the pictures I had been taking on my phone of my progress,
  4. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. This hit me hard because I do the same things as you, although I don't have the same family situation, I do take pictures of myself most days I don't know why I do it as it makes me feel terrible, I just stare a pick out all things that make me ugly! I know how you feel but I promise you, you are beautiful!! Spots are temporary and I think a positive thing about having acne is I can see past them, everyone on this forum knows how you feel and you have a
  5. So I just thought I'd give an update I went back into school for enrollment today and it wasn't too bad plenty of stares and wispering and a backhanded compliment from a group of girls saying they thought I'd look cute when all my spots where gone
  6. Oh no I was literally stuffing my face with chocolate as I read the healthy diet thing, although my derm told me acne has no link to my diet so I haven't changed anything
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to ask for some help I started Accutane a month ago and I have seemed to have had a terrible initial breakout far worse than a lot of people, is it something I'm doing?! The picture with better skin is before starting and the second one is yesterday, sorry I coloured in soo much I just want to keep my identity secret! Please help this break out is killing me it's soo red and painful -Summertimesadness
  8. I know your pain I am on accutane at the moment and there isnt a part of my face not covered in painful, sore acne I haven't been outside in two weeks! I start school Wednesday and I literaly would rather die but we just have to get through this who cares what people think you are a strong woman and you just ignore the haters acne is temporary their attitude is permanent!
  9. Thanks for the advice! From now on I'm only washing my face with water ans putting on moisturiser and aloe vera it is too painful to wash :'( As for popping the spots I must admit I have been stupid and popped a few and the heads seem to go crusty and fall off when I dry my face no matter how gentle I am!! -Summertimrsadness
  10. Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and have just completed my first month on accutane. I am experiencing horrid breakouts and scaring across my face that are dark red it is really upsetting me! I was prepared for an inital breakout but not this long!! I start school again on the 6th of September and I don't know what to do! Can anyone suggest anything I could do to reduce the acne and/or scarring?? -Summertimesadness