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  1. Is anyone having success with this? Is anyone having success with this?
  2. Im in the same boat as you guys. I started getting serious about the gym when i started university in september 2006. Acne started on my chest and got really really bad. Massive cysts filled with blood, puss on a daily basis. And man they hurt. I cut out all dairy which i though could be the cause of my acne on my face and chest, even changed my protein to soy. Although it helped, it still didnt cure me. I have been using AHA on my chest since christmas and doing this regimen for my face : http:
  3. Hey why me, ive been using AHA since the end of december and can honestly say it has been the best product for controlling my chest acne. I had severe acne on my chest, with large cysts forming frequently. Since ive been using the AHA these cyst stopped almost instantly. I defiantly recommend it. My chest now is just fading red marks which is taking AGES. I get the odd new spot on my chest but they are nothing compared to what i used to get. .
  4. my chest look EXACTLY like that, ive been using AHA lotion for about a month and its slowed the cysts on my chest right down. i have red marks and scars on my chest so im interested in this thread as it could help me. I was going to look into the glycolic peels for the scars, ive tried it before but i dont think i left the solution on my chest for long enough.
  5. I think its the more intense exercises that affect the acne the most. I include supersets in my rountines and ive read that the more intense exercises like these( and i imagine deadlifts, squats etc,) that release more growth hormone in the body. I think it may be this that is creating an unbalance in my body and creating the severe acne. I dont think i can give the gym up, i just love it too much. I have recently started using a new cleaner with the pan oxyl bar on my chest. So far its been h
  6. I can relate to this. I have had severe acne for about a year now, it began when i started university and got more serious about lifting. I weight lift 5 times a week, and do intensive exercises. Mostly with the free weights. I have tried many things over the past year trying to get rid of the deep cystic acne on my chest, so far nothing has work that well, and at present i am left with many deep red marks and scars. I have been using a pan oxyl wash bar for about 11 weeks now and it has helped
  7. Hey everyone I have been on the regimen for just over 4 weeks now. I have severe acne on my face and chest and i regularly get cysts on both. When i started this regimen i thought i was going to clear up in no time. In the first week, the regimen worked wonders and my skin almost cleared. The second week came and i got a slight breakout, of which i thought would clean up in no time, which it did to a degree, but new spots appeared. At the start of the third week i was dealing with a few red mark
  8. anyone been having any success with this regimen?
  9. im interested in this regimen too, could you please send me a link to your site?
  10. Ok thanks for the info. So If i take alavert and my skin clears up, does that mean my acne is caused by an allergic reaction?
  11. im starting to take zantac for 12 days at 75mg a day. Heres the question, if my acne starts to clear up, does that ultimatley mean that my acne is caused by me being allergic to something?
  12. Hi, after reading numerous threads and posts about antibiotics, i havent found one person saying that antibiotics have actually cured their acne problems. I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed me oxytetracycline. Im not sure whether to start taking it, because even if it clears up my moderate acne on my face, back, and the serious acne on my chest, it will just come back when i stop taking the medicine. So heres my question, is there anyone here who has actually been cured by the use
  13. Can anyone add to this thread? Ive ordered some of the Syntrax GuggulBolic and was wondering if anyone has had any positive experience from Guggul?
  14. I break out in waves, its really strange. at the moment its quite calm, but i think another wave is on its way and i can get cysts, and smaller spots, anything up to about 20 on my face at a time. I break out really badly, then it calms down, then i break out again. Im a boy so this cant be due to it being that time of the month, i hope lol. If i moisturise at all, i seem to make my face really greasy. I only need the tiniest amount of moisturiser. I tend to just leave my face after washng it wi