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  1. Thanks. I might try needling as I think I have a basic grasp of the method behind healing scars (induce wound to stimulate collagen renewal etc- just a bit scared of doing it myself!). I get upset about it as I went through the absolute hell of accutane to get my skin to where I wanted it to be and I kinda feel that this is the last part of the puzzle to be solved. Do you think enerjet wouldn't be worth it because there would be no markable improvement or because it's a costly treatment for just
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I tried dermaflage but I couldn't get it to sit well on my skin, I liked the idea of it but sadly the reality was that it ended up looking very unnatural.
  3. Hi Everyone, I completed accutane a year ago and things for the most part went well. I do however have a scar that is right between my eyes that causes me considerable distress. I think its an ice-pick scar as it's indented, but I'm at a complete loss as to how to treat it. I have a consultation later next month for the enerjet treatment which is a combination of fillers/subcision. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do about it? Thanks.
  4. Its been quite a while since I last posted on here. In september 2012 I started a course of accutane in order to try and overcome the difficulties I've had with my skin for the last 11 years. The treatment was for the most part a success (acne is gone, albeit I now have red marks), but the major problem I had upon completing the treatment was that I fell into a serious bout of depression/anxiety which caused me to leave my job, my home, and basically remove myself from the world for around 6 mon
  5. I have a lot of sympathy for the OP in this thread and I think some of the replies haven't really tried to explore the OP's psychological state of mind at all, which seems to be the key issue to his present situation. It is extremely simplistic to ask the OP to simply accept 'adult' responsibilities and move out/ get his own apartment if he is struggling with psychological issues that are preventing him from doing so. Judging by the OP's responses, it's obvious he is extremely anxious about the
  6. Dark chocolate (70% and above) is anti-inflammatory and can have beneficial effects on your heart and skin. Other kinds of chocolate (milk, white etc) are often loaded with sugars, preservatives and gluten which will provide an inflammatory response in your body. Whilst eating one chocolate bar is unlikely to give you acne, eating several increases the inflammation levels in the body and thus the probability that you will develop acne.
  7. I'm 25, had acne for 10 years. I've managed to get it under control for the most part in the last 6 months, having gone through accutane and made certain dietary revisions. I've had several jobs in my life and I did definitely quit one of them due to acne. I was 18 and was working in retail and aside from the mind-numbing tedium of the job I just couldn't bear to have my skin bathed in that harsh fluorescent lighting, where my cystic acne just looked dreadful. I've had to fight anxiety and depre
  8. I think this question can only be satisfactorily answered by examining the correlation between having clear skin and happiness. Do we need clear skin in order to be happy? That question will get a million different replies because it is a value question- how much value do you put on having clear skin? It's impossible to gain a universal response on what level of clear skin would equate to being happy as everyone has different values. For what it's worth, I no longer have acne but have a lot of r
  9. Just wanted to pitch in and say that I am totally clear using this diet! I have been on accutane but had to come off it a little while ago as it was leading to extreme dryness. I used to eat a ton of white bread and pasta and yet never made the connection that I would always break out after eating these foods. Having cut these food stuffs out and having increased my consumption of bio live yoghurt, I am happy to report that I am totally clear for the first time in almost a decade. I'm very happy
  10. I have a cyst on my cheek that appeared last night, the damn thing is probably going to scar. Oh well, gotta keep on smiling
  11. The psychology behind acne is really interesting. Often the physical impact of acne is superseded by the psychological damage it can inflict, although I do agree with the above poster that this can depend on the severity of the acne. If you have had acne for a long time then it becomes almost impossible to see one's reflection objectively, that is, to see yourself as others see you. Often the kinds of value judgments that we put on ourselves such as, 'my acne is terrible, therefore I am terrible
  12. I'm curious if anyone here has noticed a significant reduction in their acne from incorporating thyme into their diet. I remember reading an article in the paper a few months ago about the vast benefits the herb can have and just performing a simple google search reveals that the health service in Britain (NHS) has actually written a article about the use of thyme and acne. The fact that the NHS is taking it seriously enough to consider responding is to me a VERY good sign, normally their offici
  13. Hey man, just wanted to say your not alone! By the sounds of it your acne is similar to how mine was for a long time. Have you been to your GP to discuss the issue? I really advise you to do so if you haven't. Try using benzoyl peroxide for the dryness and an isotreniton cream such as differin if the BP does not work- . both these are drying agents and should work for your skin type. I know that many people have cleared up from using topicals alone and I myself maintained relatively decent skin
  14. Hey Houston sorry for the late reply. I've been taking accutane for 6 weeks now, for the most part my skin has responded very well to the treatment. Side effects were: pretty bad IB (initial breakout) I only had a mild issue with cysts before tane and yet in the first week of my meds I broke out badly with cystic acne. It was very embarrassing and going to work was horrible. Other than that I've had dry skin on lips and inside of my nose. I've had a rash that spread right down my arms but I mana
  15. rentedname: There is an epistemic distinction between having goals and dreams you want to achieve and being psychologically attached to those objectives to the point where you can't conceive of your self/personality in any other manner. If your interested, I'm currently training to be a teacher in philosophy- so yes I have 'goals' that I am working towards. I recognise, however, that the interests and personality traits that make up my being are subject to flux and change and thus I don't fee