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  1. drink some green tea. squeeze the bag after done... then put it on the zit. drink lots of water. take vitamin e. use queen helen's mint julep on it and spot treat best of all- don't stress over it.. you will probably notice it more than other people.. and stressing will make it worse. a positive attitude is my other tip
  2. I suggest jojoba oil. I don't use creams, lotions at all anymore as a moisturizer. I know it sounds 'oily' Mostly I cleanse with a gentle cleanser then add a few drops to my hand of jojoba oil.. spread it over the face.. then rinse with water. in the end it makes your skin soft. it's ok to wear under make up it wont make you look oily. it balances out your skin and helps reduce blackheads also.. keep it in mind
  3. well thank you kindly ma'am :)

  4. any dairy products CAN increase acne. not heard anything whatsoever about redmarks. but whatever works for you
  5. Anything can cause acne. It all depends on the individual. If your diet is poor that may be the cause of your acne. If it's because of where you work.. that may be the cause of it. Less is best for acne. Washing your face alot won't help at all..I think washing twice with apple cider vinegar and water may not be what you want to do. It takes a good attitude, good diet, and a good routine. What kind of diet do you have? Take some Vitamin C and E everyday. C will help collagen and E will heal ski
  6. the aspirin mask is very awesome for anyone with any type of skin.. it's fool proof. it's a very natural remedy to calm skin, make your face softer and overall help any redmarks or breakouts you've had. i mix mine with honey. message me if you want directions!

  7. I noticed that you use the aspirin mask...do you find success with this? It sounds like something that might work for me because I have sensitive skin and it easily becomes red and blotchy even if I'm not broken out! Also, do you mix it with honey? I've heard some people who do that also. Thanks!

  8. sounds like you know what you're doing. less is best for your face. i use a gentle cleanser and jojoba oil. never use lotions anymore.. congrats!
  9. do you still use Bio-Oil?

    i just stopped after about 1 month as i did tca cross treatments. my skin is better now :) take care

  10. if they arent very visible.. don't pick at them.. otherwise they will become a large problem. leaving your skin alone and using very few products that contain no chemicals is the best way. i use a gentle soap and jojoba oil. everyone's skin is different.. i know..but don't pick at your skin! it won't help
  11. Smoking weed can lead to the munchies! Making you want to eat crappy food most of the time.. Anyway.. If someone wants to smoke pot who cares? That's their decision.. If it hurts their life then so be it.. They made their choice. Doing whatever you do in life you learn from it all... If you think it makes you have acne and you don't want to have acne.. then don't smoke weed. if it doesn't hurt you one bit and you have great skin.. then do whatever makes you happy. Just as long as you are hap
  12. Mango helps the skin become softer, gives it a shining glow and is effective in opening clogged skin pores. If any of you don't eat enough mango. I suggest you do so.. High in Vitamin A, C, and E.. it will definitely help your skin.. Has a high amount of carotene... It's helped me.. I use a basic cleansing bar of soap, Jojoba Oil, and eat a lot of mango.. fruits.. vegs.. mostly mango.. Skin is softer, glowing, pores are starting to clear up. Mango all the way!! Anyone else ever thought of t
  13. Look at your diet and what you eat. What you eat can reflect how your skin looks.. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables to mostly detox your body and get rid of anything bad in your system that will reflect on your skin. Drink water, eat fruits, vegetables, have a positive attitude. I suggest jojoba oil too . I stopped using any lotions or anythin full of chemicals. It's great for pores. best of luck!
  14. walgreens will have the uncoated ones. like wynne says you dont have to use uncoated.. but they are easier to dissolve and get a good grainy texture. just look where the aspirin is at in walgreens and find just a clear bottle with plain white uncoated aspirin. it's what i use for my aspirin mask. i specifically rub it in gently on my nose and areas of blackhead problems on my face before rinsing off after 15-20 minutes of it being all over my skin as a mask. good luck!