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  1. the foundation breaks me out, sadly. HOWEVER! their concealer is wonderful. not as great coverage as i would like, but it has never broken me out, something i can't say for most makeup (especially drugstore brands). plus it's a really good color match for me - again something i can't say for most drugstore makeup.
  2. i am most definitely a new member of the emc! got my free samples and flat-top brush a couple days ago, and wore the foundation to a big event last night. it was amazing, looking in the mirror was like getting into a time machine and going to a time when my red marks are gone. LOVE THIS STUFF! any tips on how to not look totally white in flash photos, though?
  3. food does decrease its effectiveness but not by a huge amount - the main thing to avoid is dairy, because it binds to calcium. but eating it with a small meal shouldn't make too huge of a difference, i've seen pretty good results even taking it with food (i get upset stomach from it too).
  4. well didn't you say you got clear before on that stuff? it makes sense he would prescribe it to you again...
  5. just got prescribed retin-a micro (along with tetracycline and bcp) but reading all these horror stories i'm kind of nervous about trying it. i guess i'm just looking for a pep talk - is there anyone who it worked for, who didn't have bad irritation on it? anyone who didn't have a really bad ib? please, someone talk me into using this stuff, because y'all have done a pretty good job of talking me out of it already
  6. it's really not a huge deal, don't stress so much about it! if it's inflamed or looks all red and swollen now, you can ice it. then just put some antibiotic on it, like neosporin, and put a bandaid over it when you go to bed. it should be fine.
  7. so my skin was doing pretty well and then all of a sudden last week i broke out REALLY bad on my right cheek. and i'm still breaking out there. my left cheek is fine except for a few red marks from old breakouts, and i have a few zits on my forehead and chin. you can see the difference in the pics, even though they're kinda blurry (sorry - camera phone). wtf is going on? why is it only on one side of my face? how can i get things back to normal???
  8. How've ya been, Lil?

  9. i don't really do the whole 'boyfriend' thing right now... but i definitely am seeing a few different boys (don't worry, they all know they're not the only one). so acne is definitely not an impediment to getting what you want romantically, you just have to be confident and aggressive, something i thankfully learned back when my skin was clear, otherwise i'm sure i wouldn't be able to do it now.
  10. well that's the thing, i read in some other threads that flaxseed oil had too many omega-6's to be effective against acne. the idea about eggs is a good one, although i'm trying to eat less eggs and dairy. i was just wondering if there were any other sources. also, he? i have a girl's name and a girl's avatar
  11. i'm a vegetarian - don't eat fish, so i can't take fish oil. however, i've heard that flaxseed oil isn't effective for acne. are there any other vegetarian sources of omega-3s that would help acne?