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  1. WEEK THIRTEEN So I’ve finished packet 3... overall not as great as I was expecting but deffo an improvement ! I’ll link a side by side below this ! Still cutting down on dairy
  2. WEEK TEN (04/01/2018) Day 71 - Co-Cyprindiol pills taken - lost count... skin in took a turn for the worst after he festive period, put it down to eating too much chocolate so I’ve cut dairy from my diet. Just pesky closed comedones around my forehead. Annoying but manageable.
  3. Hi ! Cheers for the recommendation but the treatment recommends to wait 3 months to see real results, so I’m sticking it out it’s starting to improve vastly, I’ll post pictures soon. Those mites look aweful ! WEEK EIGHT (21/12/2017) - Day 57 - Co-Cyprindiols taken: 43 pills (14 Days breaking) Things the finally looking up ! On to the third packet ! Periods heavier but shorter ? No cramps this fine however ! Feeling good
  4. WEEK SIX (07/12/2017) - Day 43 Co-Cyprindiol - Thirty Six pills taken (+7 days break) bad skin currently, very painful around my temples. Less small pimples but more headless cysticy spots. Treating it with lots of Acnecide but it's making my skin dry. I need to start drinking more and eating less chocolate lol
  5. WEEK FIVE (30/11/2017) - Day 36 Co-Cyprindol - Twenty Nine pills taken (+ 7 days break) skin went went through a good phase for about 5/6 days during the break but now has started to decline in clarity I'm getting annoying lumps around my face (forehead) that blow up without heads. not bad skin but not great.
  6. WEEK FOUR (23/11/2017) - Day 29 co-cyprindiol - Twenty Two pills taken (+ 7 days break) baaaddd cramps and heavy periods this week. Started after day 4 with no pills, however I don't think it's because of it but because I've not had one in 70 days. Skin is okay. A few pimples and whiteheads. Blackheads on nose driving me mad, but overall is fairly calm. Started wearing makeup again on to packet 2 !!
  7. WEEK THREE (16/11/2017) Day 22 Co-Cyprindiol - Twenty One pills taken First Day of the seven day break. Skin is meh. Did break out badly at the start of last week, but slowly calming down with a few actives. Definitely getting worse whiteheads on my cheeks, which were clear before and also around my mouth. It's just the texture of my skin that sucks, especially on my temples and forehead. Ughhh
  8. WEEK TWO (09/11/2017) Co-Cyprindol - Fifteen pills taken No visible change, but wasn’t expecting much. Had been feeling down in the dumps for a few days this week, just self-pity, regret, not wanting to socialise - I’m thinking it’s because of the pills but I’m feeling good now !! i hope I see an improvement by Xmas !
  9. WEEK ONE (02/11/2017) Co-Cyprindiol - Eight Pills Taken No change so far. I've been keeping up with my skincare regime. Upper lip and Nose creases are becoming dry due to the Benzoyl Peroxide so I'm not applying it there for now. One big, red spot on my right side forehead which seems to be the most popular site for them :((. Did squeeze a few Blackheads last night so skin a bit red and blotchy. no pill side effects yet :)) See ya later !
  10. I was looking back at photos from when I was 14 and I was amazed at how clear my skin was ! I was a late-bloomer, so puberty didn't catch up to me until I reached 15(ish) - It got me thinking, that maybe my acne was hormone related and so I have been placed on Diane-35/Dianette/Co-Cyprindiol. I've decided to do a weekly log (as such) so that I can hopefully look back and see some improvement ! Started: 26/10/17 (aged 17 and 1 month) Skincare Regime Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser (twice d