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  1. @snowboarder- thanks for the opinion. I didn't buy these products and I get the same thing like you with the strips. The strip takes out the blackheads but by next day my pores are full again. Plus they irritate my skin and I even get a pimple right where I used the strip. I gave up using strips few months ago. I was using them rarely, only for special ocassions but I won't use them anymore. I guess I will stick to the extractions (with my fingers)...
  2. I have been hearing and reading a lot about how good retinoids are for our skin, especially for the ones with acne. I never used for example retin-a in pure state but it is possible that I used moisturizers or other skincare with retinoids. Today I wanted to go to the pharmacy and buy Retin a and oily Vitamin A (I am from Europe and we have this in pharmacies, also retin-a, without prescription). But then I wanted more info and I started reading a lot of articles and now I am confused. I know
  3. I don't have severe acne. I have some pimples around my period and when I'm stressed. But few years ago I went to work in another country and when I returned to my home country everybody was schoked- I had the same things you have. My neck, lower jaw, around my mouth, nose and forehead were full of cysts and pimples. Especially on my lower jaw. It was awful for me to have all those things on my face all of the sudden. To cut it short, my doctor gave me Skinoren and after 1 week I was clear. R
  4. I have the same thing also. I thought is normal that this happens when you have clay mask. In my opinion, the clay mask draws out the gunk and brings it to surface and this is why it looks like this.
  5. I think that would be a HUGE mistake. WTF- in your urine you have all the toxins . How can you drink that one ?? I think this is nuts! BUT if it works for you...
  6. Have you tried the Mandelic Acid Serum from Nucelle?
  7. Finally I decided to use the Nucelle kit. Last night, I put on my face only the mandelic acid serum. It was absorbed very fast but for a moment it left a shiny but not greasy film on my face though I didn't check after 10mins to see if it is still there. Then I went to sleep and in the morning my face was clearer but on my chin I have a huge red bump and on my right side of my face, close to the nose, I have a red spot so probably I am already starting to purge. That's quite fast. Last night
  8. epicdermis- I never tried mandelic acid peels and to be honest I won't use them soon. I have some Nucelle products but I didn't use them yet...I will soon but I think I'm afraid I will be disapointed eventhough the reviews are great. I will have to try on my own skin and see the results.
  9. For the OP- are you still using NuCelle? Is anyone else using NuCelle at the moment? What are your results?
  10. I just received my Nucelle order. It is the ''Spa System kit for normal/oily skin''. There are 7 products in the kit as I ordered the ''Sun protection'' separate and they gave me an eye cream as a present (so nice of them as I really wanted their eye cream also but I just couldn't afford it). They also have a kit for Acne/ Trouble- prone skin but I think that would be too strong for me to start with as it has the Mandelic Acid 15% and I want to start with the 10% one. I have combinati
  11. Bumping this thread as I'm curious to see if anybody else used the Ishtar products and what are the results
  12. I have lots of blackheads on my T-zone but on my nose and chin I have looots and on my forehead few of them. While I was surfing on a website I've seen a comercial for a blackhead remover and at first I didn't pay too much attention saying to myself: ''Another company who claims that can help you get rid of blackheads...''. But today I checked the website and I am quite...impressed. If you look at all the products you will see some strips for removing blackheads for the nose but everytime I u
  13. Riiiiight, after reading most of the pages of this thread....I am a bit confused. So, I have combination skin (oily to very oily (in the summer) T-zone, dry cheeks), I have some pimples now and then and some nasty cysts on my jawline now and then. 2 years ago I had some terrible cysts on my jawline but they went away with Skinoren (Finacea) in few days. I only use this from time to time. It works ok... My problem is: tons of blackheads on my nose, close to my nose and on my chin. I extract the