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  1. Ryanne

    Yaz :)

    i use to come on here alllll the time looking for advice and a lot of people helped me. and now i want to return the favor i've been taking Yaz for 8 months now and i have not one pimple on my chest or back, and i get one on my chin every once in a while. i'm so happy! i use a cheap facial cleanser, bare minerals makeup, and go tanning once a week. my scars are fading and i feel really good about how my skin looks. if your acne is truely hormonal i think you just have to stick with a bcp or spi
  2. Ryanne


    thank you for your responses... i just started my fourth pack today... that unsightly breakout is calming down, and new years is tomorrow so happy new year everyone
  3. Ryanne


    hi all, so i'm now into my 3rd month of Yaz, and the first two were pretty awesome, my face was clearing up nicely, my chest and back were still breaking out but in general i liked the results. now my back and chest are clear and my face is like a war zone. i thought i read somewhere on here that on Yaz you think you're skin is getting better but then bam! a whole breakout that can ruin your holiday (this ish better be gone by new years...) so my question is has anyone else had this experience?
  4. i'm into my second pack and i LOVE it... i'm less oily and haven't had a severe pimple on my face since i started (and my cravings this last month were nill) people have great things to say about it but some have not so good reactions to it, but you should at least give it a try )
  5. thanks for all the information mommy & wife!!!! i would've switched too if i had those issues... did it help your skin at all, or were you not on it long enough to see a difference? i started taking yaz 2 weeks ago and my skin isn't clearing (i know it's not enough time) i'm actually getting more whiteheads than the cystic acne. not that either one of them is any better. i also feel huge and i thought yaz was suppose to help with water weight. i'm not ragey though, i'm so sleepy. the only
  6. thank you mommy & wife, i'm glad to hear i wasn't the only one... are you currently taking any bcp? any other bcp problems? do you think yaz will make me crazy too? lol
  7. I'm glad you're having positive results with OTC lo... I just started Yaz about 2 weeks ago. I was on OTC years ago and had such significant mood swings it was like there was a little monster in my head. my obgyn said that yaz should be okay, and treat my pmdd. but i was curious as to why some people "can't" take yaz? i read what you said about being under weight and yaz makes some people loose weight (i hope i'm some people) but is there any other reason? i haven't been on bcp in about 2 ye
  8. my obgyn said yaz is approved to treat mild to moderate acne... i don't know about FDA approved but i don't know who else's approval would matter... is yaz the same thing as yasmine? what's the difference? i start yaz on sunday... i really hope it just doesn't get worse p.s. i was on Norlestrin and Loestrin and my skin was awful... different obgyn, thank god, that woman obviously didn't understand i had/have acne issues... red flag
  9. hey guys! i LOVE university of pennsylvannia dermatology! everyone there is really nice and helpful, even though when i go back i'll probably be known as the girl with the rediculously shitty insurance. the doctor i saw was the FIRST derm ever to ask me for my history and what i've done to treat this moster previously. i've been to maybe 4 derms in the last year and a half and no one took the time out to ask me. so right off the bat i liked him, totally not fair that i get a young goodlooking ma
  10. hey you, how've you been???

  11. my obgyn told me that yaz is approved for treating moderate to mild acne... he put me on it but i didn't start taking it yet bc you start the sunday after you get your period and mine is holding out on me because i actually want it to come this time... sorry i couldn't be more helpful, there are some posts about it in the bcp message board.
  12. thanks so much for your replies guys!!! my health insurance is devon, through academic health plans, it's through my university and supposedly it's for basiclly healthy people who happen to get injured or catch pneumonia and end up in the hospital... i hope the derm can do something about it, if not i guess i'm waiting 3 years until i'm out of school. i'll let you guys know what happens this thursday... cross your fingers!!! <3
  13. damn... i always wanted to move to australia... maybe nows the time