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  1. Okay, thanks for the information. Yeah, I've tried many many different methods from that board, but none of them have helped.
  2. So the Regimen is basically putting a bunch of benzoyl peroxide on your face, right? And do you know if there is any way to actually treat red marks...or do you just have to wait until they fade by themselves?
  3. I am considering starting Clindamycin and I was wondering if treatment begins with an initial breakout? Thank you.
  4. I've heard that benzoyl peroxide can make people's red mark's redder? Does anyone know if that's true?
  5. Is it really possible to prevent/get rid of acne or can you only treat it while it comes? Like, how does it finally go away? Do you just grow out of it?
  6. I've tried most of these for several months, usually from 3-8 months. Yes, I did Retin A for six or seven months. You recommended it to me. And it caused an initial breakout, but that's it. Also, I never tan and rarely go out in the sun, and when I do, always use sunscreen.
  7. Hi, I don't know what to do anymore, I'm so desperate. I've had red marks for nearly two years and I've tried tons of methods and nothing works and I keep getting more acne that keeps leaving more red marks. My red marks are worse than my actual acne and I've tried: Retin-A, lactic acid, vitamin e, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, the baby brush method, the tape method, and all of these things just break me out more! And it's not like I'm not trying to treat my acne too: I tried an antibio
  8. Okay thank you. I'll try this a few more weeks and if nothing happens I'll switch over to glycolic acid.
  9. But my skin does not appear like it needs time to repair and cool down.
  10. No! and it seems like nothing I do every helps. I've tried Retin-A, jojoba oil, the tape method, and the baby brush method and none of that has worked either! It just seems like my red marks are really stubborn. And when I put on the Lactic Acid it doesn't even tingle that much. Like I read that it is supposed to kind of hurt. I'm just wondering if maybe I should do it more than once a week?
  11. Hi. I have done my 7th Lactic Acid 40% peel and have not noticed any change. Can someone help me here? I was told you should take a break after a month of peeling, but I haven't noticed any change, so should I take a break? And shouldn't I have noticed change by now? I use it once a week.
  12. Well, even if it's not helping my acne it will still be able to help my red marks even though I have some acne in the same areas, right?
  13. I'm using lactic acid. And I'm pretty sure it is. I have way more many pimples than I had before I started. peel doesnt really help with acne it helps to renew our skin so we can get rid of the old damaged layer I think u need to stop the break out before doing anything else on ur skin Are you kidding me? I thought peels helped both red marks and acne.