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  1. No. No. No. I repeat, No. One of the reasons drinking is strongly recommended against when someone is on antidepressants of any kind is because the depressive mood often leads to substance abuse, even if you've been improving on the pills. The flipside is, the pills also change the way your body reacts to alcohol, absorbtion rate, hangover time, etc etc. Also, if you haven't drunk in a while because you've been on the meds, the results probably won't be good. Just don't.
  2. Random trivia: If you pulp then strain the leaves through cheesecloth/muslim, you can drink the liquid. I have no idea how it tastes, but you can if you want.
  3. No, there are a variety of oral PCOS treatments because PCOS covers a range of hormonal problems resulting in various kinds of andronisation of women. For example, if estrogen is low but testosterone is normal, a regular combination pill is usually prescribed. If there's more advanced andronisation issues, a stronger one may be required. If testosterone levels are high but estrogen is normal, then another pill is required entirely. It depends on a diagnosis. This is why a endocrinologist/gynac
  4. If they're not obvious when your face is unstretched, and they're not painful, for god's sake don't touch them because they're not a problem. You'll only be spreading infections and scarring yourself for no good reason.
  5. You're right, it could, if I had suggested anywhere in my post that the belief in a god and the pursuit of science were a dichotomy. The good thing is, I didn't. Anywhere. But thanks for putting words into my mouth. Brilliantly mature, that.
  6. I prefer my men to have a decent tongue on them. Dicks are so overrated.
  7. I'm an Aussie starting on BenZac and I've been recommended trying the Penoxyl(sp?) brand if I can find it, since the suspension for the active ingredient is suggested to be better than BenZac for allowing the BP to soak into the skin. However, I am also told Penoxyl is hard to find and more expensive than BenZac. So, out of curiousity, what's the suspension for the DK brand BP, and is that the same as the BenZac suspension or the Penoxyl suspension components?
  8. You should be fine. Acne tends to only crop up as a side-effect when used in large doses over long periods of time.
  9. Someone needs to put down "The Secret" and get a reality check.
  10. For the sake of objectivity, I'd like to point out that the incidence of thrombosis is quite low - only slightly higher than the average for the rest of the population - and is also reliant on other factors when taking the pill such as general healthiness, BMI, diet, exercise, age, BSL, heart disease, etc etc. And after the first year on it, the risk drops down to almost exactly the same percentage as the rest of the population. Both of these factors are also mainly for Ethinyl./cyproterone comb
  11. I disagree on the "in the emotional sense" of the first line. I used to have acne so painful on the side of my face I couldn't sleep. That's physically painful, in any book. I'm also taking this article was written by a man?
  12. No, they don't, and they're incredibly hardy plants.
  13. Just to throw in my two cents: a positive or negative ultrasound for poly-cystic ovaries DOES NOT rule out a Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis. I do not have poly-cystic ovaries but a variety of other symptoms that qualify as a mild form of the disorder. Other factors that come into play are things such as general infertility and period problems, trouble losing weight, andronisation (acne + body hair), increased weight gain, sometimes hair loss, high levels of cholesterole, insulin resisten
  14. For a natural way, I highly recommend hot water + a little lemon juice as a drink a few times a week. Obviously, too much will be damaging, but it also helps digestion and wakes you up a little without the caffeine of tea/coffee.