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  1. I have to eat wheat/carbohydrates as I am an athlete. The only thing that bothers me is milk products, if I eat ANYTHING containing milk I will have digestive problems in 8-12 hours.
  2. Hi, Since age 7 I have always been told that I was " lactose intolerant." Come to find out, I am actually allergic to milk and it is the main source of my acne. I am trying to live a dairy free life by substituting food, such as using rice milk instead of cow milk ( I actually think rice milk taste better then cow milk), but there is one alternative I have yet to find. How in the world do I eat bread? I have looked everywhere in the grocery store for a dairy free bread and I have yet to find on
  3. "If you are a male, more then likely your acne is caused by a hormone imbalance. Most of the time, this is caused by a high sex drive. There is some truth to the "masturbation causes acne myth", but it isn't the masturbation that causes the acne. It is the increased flow of hormonal chemicals that are created when involved in sexual activities. " That was told to me by someone who is very educated on acne and helping control your acne.
  4. It may be less irritating, but you are right when you question whether it will work as well - it probably wont (especially if you are only use a 2.5% BP). Something else you might try: the acne clinic I go to uses a gradual application method to get clients' skin used to BP - I was able to use 10% BP with no problem. This is the method: Day 1: leave BP on for 15 min, then wash off Day 2: 15 min, wash off Day 3: 15 min, wash off Day 4: leave BP on for 30 min, then wash off Day 5: 30 min, w
  5. Personally, I think MaMa Lotion is the best chemical peel around. Only thing is you MUST apply a sunscreen if you are going outdoors for a prolonged period.
  6. are you all allergic to BP, or just experiencing the onset side effects? I apply a moisturizer right before I apply BP, and it fixed the side effects I was experiencing.
  7. just wanted to let you all know that it worked when applying applying the BP after . Face is still a little red from before, but it itches ALOT less.
  8. Guys I have a great idea for those of us who are having this side effect. What about before applying BP, applying a moisturizer ? BP basicly burns a layer of your skin while oxidizing, so using moisturizer before will provide an extra layer of protection for your skin. The BP might not work as well, but only trying this will tell. I will try this tonight and over the next couple of days.
  9. Hey guys, I just started using BP and I am having some major problems. First of all, I am not using much. about 1/3 of a finger length for my whole face. So far i have been using it for two days, applying once a night. I notice that it is causing my face to turn extremely red as if I have a sunburn, and it itches like crazy. I did some research online, and some people are saying this is normal for the first couple of weeks while using BP, while some are saying this is a sign of an allergy and it