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  1. yea i use it on my back, works good. keeps acne under control and calm... best thing is tanning bed though, pulls all the clogged pores out, and covers up any scars.
  2. i dno if that heals scarring, but it makes scarring less visible because theres no hair over the scar. i have dark facial hair, so if a hair is growing on a scar, it makes the scar stand out more. but if i grow a light beard, which looked decent with my longer hair, scars were barely visible. in conclusion, grow a beard over winter, ull look fine.
  3. will mandelic help with small ice pick scars? i have a big one on my nose from a cyst back in grade 9 which ill prolly just get fixed by a doctor. i stopped using mandelic on my cheeks and chin a while ago, acne hasnt been a huge problem on cheeks because ive been applying a benzoyl gel which worked just fine but my only problem is picking.
  4. wow....i was complete opposite, if i picked one, and applied mandelic, the scab wouldnt heal until i stopped applying onto the scab....thats why i ended up switching to benzoyl just on my cheeks and chin area....my forehead is covered by hair and i hardly ever breakout there and same with my nose. OP, great transformation, look great.
  5. i got best results from mandelic acid, after a few days of NOT TOUCHING, most red marks went down a lot and my skin tone evened out....but recently ive picked and even the smallest picking or scratching makes the skin all red again for days.... TTO helped quite a bit for redness for me but i still got acne. best results are with mandelic and benzoyl over a week or two.
  6. i feel the same way. i actually normally wash my face with st ives apricot scrub SA and leave it on my face for about 3-5 minutes while in the shower, seems to work ok as far as controliing inflamation. but ive recently had a few inflamed blemishes come up, they dont see to be going anywhere soon, i know they'll be gone within a day if i switch back to bp...but with bp, redness is always there and it doesnt help with blackheads and clogged pores. i live in canada so i cant get 10%bp, and as far
  7. ive had great success with it as far as oil removal and decreasing overall blemishes. but i found that oil still manages to over produce throughout the day if used in the mornings. ive had best success with st ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash for my entire body + face as far as oil control goes.
  8. anyone notice blackheads go away with tto? i have the greatest success with benzoyl, but benzoyl wasnt getting rid of blackheads or redness. any tips and cool facts that u guys know about tto? EDIT: I use tto from the body shop. anyone recommend a different, better type? since i started using it again after stopping for almost 2-3 months, will i breakout? ive already noticed a few here and there...maybe i should go back to bp. or cycle one day tto and one day bp? also im currently using st ive
  9. does anyone remember this stuff? maybe u remember the traditional oxy-5 benzoyl peroxide then. I had great success with both, but i dont think they make the same stuff anymore because the formula is changed... anyone know where i can buy this stuff?
  10. im sure theres a cure for it. but now think of how big of a market there is for acne products...hundreds of millions, if not billion? dollars....if cure were revealed, say goobye to all the current big name companies forever...huge economic loss.
  11. ive had great success with benzoyl and tea tree oil. benzoyl tends to dry my face out too much...tea tree oil is more natural, but im still uncertain which i continue to use regularly. i personally dont like benzoyl because it makes my skin too white with the bleaching. has anyone else noticed blackheads going away with tea tree oil?
  12. apricot scrub blemish control clean and clear continuous control these two have worked best for me, i found the blackhead clearing scrub or whatever sucked ass, wasnt getting the dead skin off. even with a shit diet over easter with lots of sugar and stuff ive only had 2 zits or whatever, but they've died down since i cleaned up my diet. in the morning i use st ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash, but on my face very gently to moisturize for the day and im good to go. ive been on this for
  13. has anyone had experience with any of their other tea tree oil products? im looking into the scrub and the stick.
  14. is it worth taking the risk over an inexpensive product?
  15. from what i know, salacylic acid removes dead skin and oil, benzoyl helps kill bacteria. when used together their pretty effective, atleast for me i thought. my skin isnt too sensitive so i exfoliant gently with st ives once a night and use a benzoyl face wash or tea tree oil and ive found it very effective.