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  1. Murad is in the trash. after compairing the pics from before and after, my face has been worst. Time to order Dan's regimen for the mean time Before (april 07): After (today): Before (april 07): After (today): =( I really hope this is all fixable. I really wished i did more research at that time. thanks for the replies.
  2. it works fine. it's just odd that they dont mention it in the manual. I had to leave it pluged in for around 2hrs for the light to start blinking. This is something they should fix. Now does it work on my face? Hardly, it actually made some much more worst. It did get like 2-3 of them. i paid 149.99 at walgreens, going to return it next week.
  3. From looking over pictures I've taken before starting murad; I've notice that it's much more worst. My whole nose area is clear tho and not as red anymore, same with my upper cheeks. but around my lower cheeks and jaw lines, I would get pustules pimple. Each day i wake up finding a new one. The first month i saw a small change in my face. Been using it since april. I would wash at night (12am) then when i wake up, wash up again (11am). Then about a month ago, I've notice how easy i would get a
  4. I've purchased zeno from walgreens earlier today and this thing doesn't want to charge. The manual says that the battery light should blink blue when it's plugged in; indicating that it's being charged. It doesn't do anything. I exchanged it at another walgreens in the area; and the same thing happened. So I went back to my original walgreens that I got the first one from; told them the problem and exchanged it for the third time. Same exact problem. I believe I'm cursed or all the zeno products