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  1. About a week ago I started using bp+moisturizer and monday I nightve been directly in the sun a couple of minutes, maybe 10-15. The next morning I have severe redness, something like burning/rash all around my cheecks, nothing on my forehead at all and I cant even take a step outside. I've been doing nothing but moisturizing. I dont know if this was caused by the sun, bp, or w.e but I have somewhere to be in 2 days and I cant put one foot out the door to even go to the doctor because its so bad.
  2. Bump this.. I took a shower and shaved and this is a lot worse than I thought it was. The marks are so big and so red, at this point I have no idea how I will step outside in the next 2 weeks. This might be the worst my skin has ever been. I bought fish oil because I read it stops redness and inflamation so I'm hoping it helps because at this point I dont know what else to do.
  3. How would I use fish oil to get rid of inflamation/red areas on my skin? Do I take a teaspoon everyday in the morning? 2 tea spoons? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. ^thanks. the spots are just so red and noticeable i hope they get better by next week when school starts.
  5. ^yeah i'm definetly overwashing. i just washed in the morning, applied moisturizer and i'm gonna wash at night. btw, i just started the regimen and I want to just apply bp at night for now because my skin is sensitive. My forehead which was the worst area on my face actually has gotten better and has no red spots basically while everything may have gotten better acne wise but i have new problems to deal with. The red spots are red areas on my face. theres just areas all around my face that are
  6. So basically the last couple of days my routine has been taking a shower and cleaning my face with sensitive neutrogena face wash and after the shower, applying just cetaphil moisturizing cream in the morning. If I need to go out I just wash the cream off (I never leave the house with a cream on my face) At night again I'd wash my face with the face wash, apply a bit of dans bp on most of my face and cetaphil after. If you remember my last thread my face was burning and irritated after applying
  7. Good to hear the regimen is working for you. I just started so hopefully I'll see positive results as well.
  8. I washed it off and my skin was very red and VERY irritated except basically near my eyes where I didnt apply anything. I just applied the face mask I usually apply every night and in 20 minutes my skin was back to normal so I applied my old moisturizer after that and that was it. Today I'm gonna try very little bp and my old moisturizer and see if its the bp causing this irritation.
  9. So I used dans bp+moisturizer for the first time and my skin is burning and red. Am I alergic to the bp and/or moisturizer or is this normal for everybody when they start? I used a little bp and then applied the moisturizer just like it said to do in the regimen.
  10. I decided to give this regimen a try and I'm going to order dans bp and moisturizer. After I apply the bp, do i put the moisturizer on top or do i start with the moisturizer and put the bp on top? moisturizing is very important because I want to wake up with with smooth skin in the morning. Also, if my skin is dry in the morning, how do i go about applying the moisturizer? I know it will make my skin oily and shiny so can i leave it on for a half an hour and wash it off or is it not going to b