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  1. hello all!, wow its been sooo long....im doing great! i finished my 7 month course a while ago, and i bit started comming back, so im now on 10mg every other day, and even that seems to do the trick, so just incase any of you feel like after you're course some little annoyances come back dont worry because you can do what im doing without all the nasty sideeffects! you still cant get preggers ofcoarse!, but chapped lips are nothing and dry patches are nothing! bye all
  2. im back!!! after a short break from the computer..lol anyway im now 3 weeks off of tane and so far so good! my lips regained moisture almost immediatly, i have gotten a total of 3 pin point (tiny tiny tiny) spots but other than that my skin id still clear! i still cant post pics , ill keep tryin for ya all! bye for now
  3. hey!! you are going to be at that sixth month mark before you know it! for reals accutane id by far the best choice ive ever made! goo luck with the rest of your course
  4. help!! i cant seem to post any pictures in my gallery! anyone else having an issue with this?
  5. PLEASE DO IT! im on my sixth month and believe me i was so afraid to do it ! but read my log and you'll see that its had 100% changed my life ... for the better! id stay on this drug for the rest of my life if i could! anyway in om 40mg and have been for the entire time and the only side effects i get is a sort of excema on my hands and dryer than normal skin and of corse the chapped lips, but all of that is a very small price to pay to have clear skin please do it!
  6. hello everyone. im im to month six and getting very nervous on how things are going to be after this whole process! i know if the acne comes back i can do another course and i certainly will if thats what it's gonna take! i chatted with my derm about how long i should wait before getting a tattoo, she said since i was on 40mg and my skin is going great and if the place where im getting my next tattoo is well hydrated then i only really have to wait like a month or two after im done my course, t
  7. Hey Bella.... so glad you're doing well with your face and that your social life has picked up! I'm on 40 mgs, too, starting off on 20mgs. first month and now up to 40 till I'm finished. I'm on day 47 and like you, haven't had too much in the way of side effects, except for dry skin and lips/eyes. Just wanted to say keep up the good attitude!! It'll be over soon - and clear skin will be the only side effect!! yay! Patti
  8. hello everyone just stoppin by to let you know im still doing great!!!! but im so scared about my acne comming back after this is all over, im getting real nervous! if anyone who is reading this has been off of tane for a while id really like to know how you are doing now please!! bye all
  9. funny I hate outdoor light too!!!!!!!! probably because of my skin. Makes you feel like you are under the spotlight huh....yea i know the feeling..i will be talking to someone outside and turning my head and not making eye contact. horrible huh

  10. Again it's been a while!! things are still fantastic..... i hope it stays that way when im done! ill post pics sometime this week. i went to the derm lat week and got my last perscription! ill be on tane for a total of six and a half months. bye everyone!
  11. YVETTE2: Thank you so much!! i feel better...much better, like i said in a prevoius post i have a life now.....and im tired from it!! but no complaints about that! i told my derm that i will stay on this drug for as ling as it takes im supposed to have one more month but im going to ask for an extra month i want the remission to last. joebloggs: too funny! and what you dont like my nailpolish? boys can wear it too you know! lol i still have it, its good somedays and bad somedays, but its a sma
  12. yvette: thank you! and i never did get my dosage raised my derm said that 40 through my entire coarse was where i needed to be..... and im ok with the reddish face its not here all the time...and i used to tan ( i dont thinki will ever again)! im almost done month 4 i have 1 more month but im gonna ask for a sixth month... i want my remission to last! bye all
  13. wow i cant believe how long its been since ive posted!!! lets just say i have a life now!!!!!!!!!! thank you accutane! im not quite done yet another month and a half but i no longer obsess in the mirror if i get a tiny little guy i just forget about it! i still have red/brown scars but my derm said we can do a maitence thing after my course is done. have a great weekend! ps ill post pics tomorrow!