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  1. my derm said she really like this for lines around your mouth because it last alot longer than restalyne around a year
  2. what exactly did they do to your scars please explain
  3. arm and hammer has a toothpaste made with just baking soda and the peroxide so you dont have t o mix it.
  4. hopefully they wouldn't notice that much unless they saw u everyday haha
  5. well today is day 4 now my punch graft is no longer white it is now areddish color the derm said it would change because the blood is now flowing to the skin so far so good!!!! I go to see her monday
  6. if its in a good spot just dab a brown eyeliner pencil on top then poder to make it stay then it looks like amole or a beauty mark
  7. I love mac lip conditioner and for exfoliating your lips use vasoline or a conditioner and scrub lightly with toothbrush. Also i have heard an egg white mask is great just mix untill frosty and apply until dry about 15-20 min. Also the aspirin and honey is good for acne and scars just get about 3 non coated aspirins and lightly srinkle with water until barely dissolving then add 2 squirts of honey and mix then apply to your face let stand for 10-15 min and when rinsing slightly rub with circular
  8. I love the mac lip conditioner,also another tip for exfoliating your lips you put like a conditioner on and lightly brush with a toothbrush
  9. yes.she told me i would have microdermabrasion(1) and then a laser to smooth it out
  10. what exactly did you have done my cost for the two spots was390.00 plus the consult was 200.00
  11. her web sight is Hopkins dermatology.com
  12. she is in the town i live in and everyone has always talked about how good she is. she is into alot of cosmetic things,botox,lipo,laser etc... I had the spot on my check it was a punch graft. it was not real big but was a hole looking mark right in the middle of my face the scar she said was between an ice pick and also a box scar because the sides were not that steep,but the one on my chin was an ice pick and for that one she did a punch suture ,where she punched it and then stiched it 1 stitc
  13. well i guess not to many people have had this type of surgery done,but i will let you know how it turns out .the derm is wonderful and explains everything in detail to you.