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  1. there were vitamin a treatments prior to accutane though. He may have done that.
  2. I dissolved vitamin A tablets in vinegar (it took them a few hours to dissolve all the way) and it hasn't caused any breakouts or anything so I'm assuming its noncomedogenic.
  3. I have one, its wayyyy worse. Last time i used it, my face broke out worse than it had in like 5 months or more. I guess I'll just try a new shaving lotion.
  4. I HATE shaving. I'll go 4 or 5 days without shaving and my face clears up and then when it finally starts to look shitty and I shave, I'll break out again. They're generally small bumps, but it still pisses me off. Any suggestions on what I could do to stop this? I know its the shaving because I very rarely have a spot come up during the days I didn't shave.
  5. that's why I stick to washes. I do put on tee tree oil at night though. At first I wouldn't do it around my girlfriend because it has a strong smell, but after a while I stopped giving a shit. She doesn't care. I wouldn't recommend wearing BP to bed with a girl though unless she's naked. I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate waking up with bleached clothing.
  6. I use straight tea tree oil on my whole face. Works better than BP IMO.
  7. I always thought it seemed like once they started fading a little bit, they were gone shortly after.
  8. I like it. Works just like BP and it doesn't make red marks linger around like BP does.
  9. my electric razor (I just got it for xmas) makes me breakout. I just went back to using a normal razor already. It said allow 3 weeks for your skin to get used to it, but I don't want my skin to take a step back. Things have been going well the last month.
  10. I use Tea tree oil. I really like it so far. If you don't have sensitive skin, you might be able to put it on your skin at full strength. I just put a few drops on my hand and rub it all over my face and leave it on. Most people say it burns their skin though if they put it on full strength. I'm pretty sure even battery acid couldn't burn my skin though.
  11. I never really bought into it all that much before. I always thought "there is no way BP can make the redmarks stick around THAT much longer". Well, I stopped using BP a couple of weeks ago and switched to 100% tea tree oil. It works just as well as BP, but I've noticed that the marks are already starting to fade a little bit. Some of the very minor ones are gone and the darker ones have started to fade a little bit. It's no miracle cure for them, and I don't think anything is, but not using BP
  12. you could always also just use a BP wash in the morning and leave it on at night. I did that before and it worked. The only reason I changed what I did was because I was tired of the damn redmarks. TTO supposedly doesn't make them stick around as long as BP does. TTO gets deep down in the skin. If you get it near your mouth or eyes you'll know why because you can feel it. It makes my eyes burn and my makes my lips numb if it gets near them. I never had problems with BP soaking through the skin t
  13. I just switched to Tea Tree Oil last week because I was tired of BP prolonging and causing hyperpigmentation. I just bought standard 100% TTO at GNC. It was 13 dollars, but you only need to use a few drops. It works just as well or better IMO (at least it has so far) and it has no bad side effects. Just don't get it around your eyes because it will soak through the skin into your eyes and it burns like hell.
  14. I have to use vinegar or my face breaks out. At the beginning of the school year I stopped using it because it smells and I didn't want to make the bathroom smell since I'm sharing with 8 other people on the hall. Well, my face broke out worse than it has since I started using it. I started using it again and now I'm pretty much 100% clear most of the time. I use vinegar, then I use blackhead clearing scrub, followed by oxy maximum bp wash.