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  1. Is this what you are talking about: I am in with love with F+M. Her song Howl is the most played on my itunes.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I said the only place I have moderate/severe acne on my face is my forehead. Sorry for being unclear. I have some acne that is not too bad on my nose, chin, and neck. I have severe acne on my back and also moderate acne on my chest. I'm in the US and it is winter here.
  3. Background: This is the 6th year I've had acne that only improves when I go on antibiotics or stick to a really strict diet. I don't want to go on antibiotics for any more extended periods of time and I'm unable to eat so stringently at the present time. So my forehead is the only place on my face that has moderate/severe acne, and I always get nervous when I get a haircut because of what the stylist will see. Last time I went, the person cutting my hair made some comments that made me f
  4. these have stopped working for me altogether :ermm: but I will still continue to drink them everyday just because they are my only source of vegetables/they taste better than any cooked vegetables. Maybe I am just still detoxing, but I doubt it, I am getting acne on places that I have never gotten it before such as the sides of my nose (huge scary cysts) and also on my chest. I wish acne would go away. :(
  5. hmm, so if you fast and don't eat apples/don't eat fiber will you get the same results? I thought you had to have fiber to push all of the bad stuff out? Why is this evidence disputed if it clearly works? How come people don't do this? Is it just too unconventional/ a hassle to deal with???
  6. so if it is just fiber curing the acne, why don't people just follow a strict all fiber diet for three days and then get rid of acne? It seems pretty simple to me, although I guess it might be dangerous? However people can survive without food for like a month or something, right? So is it actually dangerous to go without nutrients for three days? Isn't this an acne cure that people can follow up with good food? Why don't people realize that extreme amounts of fiber are the answer?
  7. did the acne come back right away when you stopped eating apples, or was it when you incorporated other foods into your diet? I guess that is a hard question to answer seeing as how there probably wasnt one day after the fast when you did not eat anything, lol. Thank you for your answers!!!
  8. Oh, I am not going to do it, it seems really dangerous. But my question still remains: how can the link between diet and acne be refuted when many many people have had success/eliminated all of their acne with the apple fast? Does anyone have any experience with the apple fast/have eliminated their acne permanently while off the apple fast?