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  1. Hello guys, its been awhile since I last visited this forum. Recently I feel myself being too self-conscious that it is restricting my ability to do ANYTHING. Also low self esteem is a problem for me. So I would like to gather some tips from you guys to overcome the above problems.
  2. its been awhile since I come to acne.org anyway pic of me
  3. Be more confident in myself and not afraid to do presentation at any point of time and lastly,ask a girl out!!!!
  4. I am 17 years old and had acne for 3 and a half years.I have already cleared up much of it and I hope that it will continue to clear more. Well,I i had about 100>X<200 so far.I know it may sound gross but if u would to spread it over 3 and a half years which mean 42 months it will probably be like 4 to 5 pimple/acne per month which is rather moderate i suppose?(At least this is what i think.) So,what about you guys hmm?Care to share?
  5. Yeah i feel VERY safe with mask on.Actually is the same like putting make up,the feeling is about the same.
  6. I am 17 never had a girlfriend.I always tend to blush whenever i talk to girls.Probably due to the lack of self confidence and i am shy.I was able to talk to girls and even play with them when i was around 7 to 12 but now..... "sigh"
  7. I am not very sure about it.I am 17 years old this year and had acne since 13.(hopefully it will stop)But then again we should take it that we have finish a day of battle and going to next battle for the every next day
  8. I'm afraid of meeting strangers especially GIRLS.Whenever my classmate(girl) talk to me i will blush that's so FREAKING GAY!!!! it just makes the situation AWKWARD but nevertheless if a stranger could talk to me longer then i am fine after that.I probably need more warm up.
  9. I would just keep using it but every other day and then see if the redness goes down,then start using it everyday.If the redness doesnt subside your probably sensitive to it, just find a lower concentration. ah finally,a reply.Alright i got it thanks
  10. Hey :D Wouldn't ya know it, I'm a homebody too ;)

  11. if i apply bp on my face and it turned red does that mean that my skin is sensitive to bp?? Also,does that mean i cant apply bp on my face anymore?
  12. dun lose your faith,acne will go someday. just have medication to control the outbreak and u will see better day
  13. u should try not to put make up whenever u can because its more natural when u get used to it,u feel much more better than wearing make up. trust me
  14. definitely clear skin.SELF CONFIDENCE SELF ESTEEM SELF CONSCIOUSNESS,ETC,ETC will be all be recovered that is something money can't buy even if 10000 million. just think if you have 1000 million but no one in the world u dare to talk. isnt that as good as no money?? anyway when u die u cant bring ur money in with u.