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  1. Thanks for the reply, LiliVG - really interesting. I've found my jar of B vitamins now - i'd dropped it in the car! - so will carry on with that. Taurine is still working a treat!
  2. The taurine thing is definitely working for me. I'm 100% clear - it's amazing! Can I just ask about the dehydration and B vitamin thing? I haven't noticed my skin getting dryer but so far I've been taking the B vitamins. But I've just lost my jar of the B vitamins and am worried that I'm going to get dehydrated... Does anyone have a link to any info on this? LiliVG - where was it that you read that you need B vits with taurine? Thanks. And may I just say all hail LiliVG the taurine queen
  3. Hi, already posted this in another thread but thought I'd post here too... Been taking 2 grams a day of taurine and a b complex for the past 5 days and haven't had any new pimples. I'll keep you updated...
  4. Hi guys, I've been following this thread for a while and for the last 5 days have been taking 1000mg of taurine twice a day, plus a b complex. I really don't want to speak too soon and tempt fate and all that, but I haven't had a new pimple since I started... I'm going to make an appointment with a nutritionist next week (I'm fed up of being permanently bloated) so will ask for her take on all this taurine, psyllium, Hcl etc and report back! Katie x
  5. Hiya Thanks for the really interesting post - this sounds promising!... I'm slightly concerned, though, by the suggestion that it might interfere with nutrient absorption (I know we're mainly just desperate to cure acne and will do most things if they work, but we don't want to be causing ourselves other, much more dangerous problems in the long run) I did some research and have found this: For individuals who have health problems associated with decreased absorption of nutrients (e.g. Ulcer
  6. Surely this is spam? All the people who started the thread are 'new members'...
  7. Or maybe he's a very wily and clever spammer, who's waiting until he's created enough intrigue and talk surrounding this mysterious probiotic brand, before finally revealing it?... Or am I way too cynical? Sincere apologies to the original poster if I am
  8. Great - thanks for all the info. I think i'll definitely try that ultimate cleanse. It looks really good. Plagued - I was thinking of also getting something called Greens for Life - it has lots of greens, probiotics, antioxidants etc and also contains digestive enzymes. But I'm not sure whether it's to be taken with each meal - is it important that the enzymes are taken with each and every meal or can they be taken once a day? Thanks again
  9. Bittermp - I think there are people predisposed to acne and people who aren't. For the people who aren't, constipation won't cause acne, but that doesn't mean that it's not a factor for us. Your sister can also probably eat junk food or put oily moisturisers on her face without getting spots, but unfortunately it's not the same for us. Jen121 - thanks for the info. What is a good probiotic, then. Also, with the triphala, I've been taking something called 'ayur cleanse' which has triphala he
  10. Hi manda - when you say you cannot recommend green tea, do you mean that you DO recommend it? Otherwise, I don't understand your post. Thanks everyone for all the help! I'm going to add prunes and maybe psyllium to my green smoothie tomorrow. And try the green tea as well
  11. Wow - fast replies! Thanks a lot. So are prunes and prune juice safe to have every day? I'll definitely try apple juice as well. Maybe I can make myself a special daily drink! Lebal, are psyllium husks ok to use long-term, if I have them with plenty of water? And yes, I've heard of oxypowder, but didn't know you could take it over a long period of time - I'll have to try that. Thanks again
  12. Hi guys I know this is a very old and often-repeated subject, but I'm just sure my acne is due to constipation but I just can't get rid of it! My constipation is caused by medication I'm on (and unfortunately, have to stay on) so is a long-term problem. I've tried psyllium husks etc and they didn't really help and anyway I don't think can be used every day. Also triphala - I'm taking 8 capsules a day and it's still not helping! Anyone have any ideas?... Anything would be much appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the info, guys. So as well as controlling hormones, does fish oil thin the sebum? I'm not really sure in what way these products work to control acne... Andrei, have you had success with fish oil and acne?
  14. I've been taking flaxseed oil recently with some success, but I'd like to start taking fish oil supplements instead, as they're supposed to be especially good for brain/memory. My question is, are these going to be as good for acne? I've heard that the reason flax oil works is that it thins the sebum, and I'm not sure whether fish oil capsules have the same effect... Does anyone know? Thanks KAtie
  15. Thanks for that, guys. Very strange. So do either of you know about or have experience of improvements in acne from using goji/wolfberries?